WWE Smackdown: Its official! King Corbin is now Baron Corbin. WWE updates his name on the official website

WWE Smackdown- It’s official! King Corbin is now Baron Corbin:  Things haven’t turned out well in recent weeks for WWE Smackdown superstar King Corbin. After losing his prestigious crown at the hands of Shinsuke Nakamura two weeks ago, Corbin is not rightfully the King anymore. He will be addressed as Baron Corbin now, and the same has been updated on the WWE website. 

WWE Smackdown- It’s official! King Corbin is now Baron Corbin: Corbin was officially called King Corbin after he won the 2019 King of the Ring tournament. The official WWE website has now listed him Baron Corbin instead of King Corbin. Furthermore, Corbin has changed his Twitter name from THE KING to THE KING IS DEAD.

WWE Smackdown: The new KING Shinsuke Nakamura had a coronation ceremony last week!

The new King Shinsuke Nakamura had a coronation ceremony last week on WWE Smackdown. Shinsuke was crowned by his new sidekick Rick Boogs in the middle of the ring. The segment ended with both enjoying and dancing to the music of the new King.

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During the segment, a distressed and depleted Baron Corbin was shown watching backstage on a TV set. Broadcast correspondent Kayla Braxton approached him for an interview and addressed him, King Corbin, by mistake but then corrected herself by calling him Baron Corbin. He commented that with the crown, he has lost everything now. He then asked, “What’s the point?”, and walked away. 

WWE also released post-Smackdown footage where Megan Morant was trying to get some words from the former King. Corbin was noted saying that he lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in investments by losing the crown. He stated,

“I was a wealthy man, but now…,” He just shook his head in disappointment.

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WWE Smackdown: What’s next for Baron Corbin?

With the Crown lost, Baron Corbin has to start a new journey now. There are rumors of him turning face for the first time in his career. It would be interesting to see if it happens and how it goes especially, with three WWE Money in the Bank qualification spots remaining to be filled from the Blue brand.