WWE Smackdown Highlights: Kevin Owens digs on Roman Reigns and Jey Uso in the latest episode

WWE Smackdown: Tonight’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown ended in a chaotic brawl between Kevin Owens and Jey Uso, with a match ending rather quickly and then devolving into a brutal message from Owens to Roman Reigns to end the night.

After Uso had spent most of the night assaulting various SmackDown superstars, Owens took to the ring to face off against Uso. In a surprisingly brutal match between two superstars who clearly weren’t fond of each other, it was Owens who won, although it came after a brutal chair shot from Uso late in the match to cause the referee to ring the bell for a disqualification. Following the end of the match, Uso continued to attack Owens with the chair, with Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman watching from a monitor backstage.

After attacking Owens for a bit more, Uso eventually got hit with a Stunner to drop him for a moment. Owens then picked up a chair and began his own assault of Uso, viciously hitting him in the back over and over again as he turned to the camera and told Reigns that he wasn’t afraid of anything, including him. The segment ended with Owens once again hitting a Stunner on Uso, then taking a seat at the head of the commentary desk and telling Reigns that he’ll be waiting.

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

Owens beats Uso from one side of the ring to the other. Owens and Uso end up outside the ring. Uso sends Owens into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Uso hammers away at Owens. Owens fires back and lands a senton. Uso sends Owens into the ring post. Owens falls to the outside. Uso tries a dive but Owens catches him and slingshots him into the ring post. Owens lands two superkicks, the second of which sends Uso over the barricade. After the break, Owens hits a senton off the apron. Owens sends Uso back into the ring. Owens walks into an arm breaker by Uso.

Uso works over Owens’ injured arm. Uso misses a hip attack in the corner. Owens kicks Uso in the head. Owens’ left arm is hanging and Owens can’t use it. Owens tries a pop-up powerbomb but his arm gives out. Uso lands a superkick for a near fall. Uso goes up top but is kicks out of the air by Owens. Owens hits a package neck breaker for a near fall. Uso counters the Stunner by sending Owens into the turnbuckle, arm first. Uso grabs a chair and hits Owens with it to cause a Disqualification.