WWE Smackdown highlight: Braun Strowman unleashes his inner darkness on Alexa Bliss

WWE Smackdown Live results: This week on SmackDown Live we illustrated the inner darkness of Braun Strowman when he finally unleashed the real monster within him on the latest episode of SmackDown as he went on to attack Alexa Bliss in the closing segment of the show.

The Monster Among Men lifted the former Women’s Champion up in the air and called out The Fiend, who appeared right when the lights went out, and Bliss came crashing down to the mat. The segment ended with both Strowman and The Fiend manically laughing as the show went off the air. Strowman, however, had vanished from the ring and was shown on the big screen during the final stages of the episode.

Braun Strowman has now broken his silence by posting a very cryptic tweet following the segment in which he attacked Alexa Bliss. Strowman wrote that ‘it’s here’ and the fans are naturally wondering: what is he referring to in the tweet?

WWE also posted a new photo album in which they showcased Braun Strowman’s new look that matched his monstrous attitude.While the meaning of his message is open for several interpretations, one thing is beyond doubt, and that is that Braun Strowman and The Fiend are bound to have a very intriguing match at SummerSlam for the Universal Championship.

What’s next in the storyline featuring Alexa Bliss, Braun Strowman and The Fiend?

The belief was that The Fiend would dethrone the champion to win the Universal title for the second time. However, the latest storyline developments have made Strowman look quite strong while also exposing the vulnerabilities of The Fiend.

Bray Wyatt’s alter ego does seem to be attracted towards Alexa Bliss, which forced him to show up in the ring on this week’s show. WWE has added a lot of depth to the storyline by exploring the Alexa Bliss angle.

The former Women’s Champion tried to get the real Braun Strowman back on this week’s SmackDown; however, it was a futile exercise on her part. Strowman, who is now sporting a clean-shaven head, was only focussed on The Fiend and he even ate a few stiff slaps from Alexa Bliss before he picked her up. WWE used the blackout once again, similar to the Randy Orton-Ric Flair segment from RAW, to cover up the impact of Alexa Bliss’ bump.

Bliss may not be done just yet, and she could influence the SummerSlam match between The Fiend and Strowman.