WWE Smackdown: Dominik Mysterio will be off from WWE TV for a while! Here’s the reason.

WWE Smackdown

WWE Smackdown: As noted tonight in one of the promos, Rey Mysterio mentioned that his son Dominik Mysterio will be out of action due to last week’s heinous attack by the Universal Champion Roman Reigns. It seems like WWE might keep Dominik away from TV for quite some time to sell the injury. 

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WWE Smackdown: Dominik took quite a fall last week!

Last week after Rey Mysterio exploded on Roman Reigns with numerous Kendo stick strikes, the Universal Champion caught the former World Champion. Just when he was about to deliver a vicious spear on Rey, Dominik came to the rescue and hit Roman with a kendo stick of his own. Roman, however, caught him too and powerbombed the Jr. Mysterio to the floor over the top ropes.

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The fall looked ugly, and WWE ensured writing off Dominik from TV for some time to sell the move. During tonight’s Smackdown, Rey opened the night with an interesting promo. He called out the Head of the Table to accept his challenge for tonight’s main event. In the process, Rey said that he doesn’t know when Dominik will return after last week’s attack. 

Rey also added that he would never forget the sound of Dominik’s body hitting the floor. The company might keep him off the WWE TV, but only for some time because he is one-half of the Smackdown Tag Team Champions and without him, the Tag Team division on the Blue brand will be struggling big-time. 

WWE Smackdown: What next for Rey Mysterio?

After tonight’s defeat, Rey Mysterio might be off from WWE TV for a week or two as WWE will sell Roman Reigns’ beating. Whatever is next for Rey, we will be updating it soon.