WWE SmackDown: 3 Possible Feuds For Roman Reigns After He Is Done With Daniel Bryan

WWE SmackDown: 3 Possible Feuds For Roman Reigns After He Is Done With Daniel Bryan
WWE SmackDown: 3 Possible Feuds For Roman Reigns After He Is Done With Daniel Bryan

WWE SmackDown: What next for Roman Reigns after Daniel Bryan’s ouster? The Blue brand is all set to surprise us in the coming weeks.

The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns is all set to defend his Universal Title against a man he doesn’t like, i.e., Daniel Bryan. Reigns made his intentions clear last week in the closing segment of SmackDown that he doesn’t like and never liked Daniel Bryan and wants him out of the Blue brand. Therefore, the stipulation of this high-intense clash is if Bryan loses, he will get banished from SmackDown.

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Many a time, Bryan mentioned that he envisages giving up wrestling full-time. Therefore, this storyline could be a way to write him off and push the Swiss Cyborg Cesaro. If Reigns shows Bryan the exit door, what would be next for the Universal Champion? Who will be the next in line to challenge him for the coveted title?

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Here, we have listed three possible feuds of Roman Reigns after Daniel Bryan.

Seth Rollins

Hands-down, Seth Rollins is the only other superstar in the current SmackDown roster of the stature of Roman Reigns. Rollins, ever since heading to SmackDown, has not been involved in a perfect storyline whatsoever.

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He missed quite a few segments due to paternity leave, but now the Messiah is back and looking for a complacent role in the Blue brand. Feuding with his former Shield brother could be a better way of elevating him to the top yet again.


The current scenario has turned up courtesy of Cesaro, who stepped up face to face against the Tribal Chief in the following SmackDown after Wrestlemania 37.

The Swiss Cyborg was issued a challenge to face Reigns for the Universal Championship at Wrestlemania Backlash. But, Reigns isn’t taking Cesaro seriously as he thinks that the Swiss Cyborg is not of his level. However, if Daniel Bryan exits, Cesaro will be next in line for the championship, and we could witness a fresh rivalry between the two.

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This name might surprise you, but the Rated R Superstar is yet to receive his one-on-one match against Roman Reigns, which he richly deserved after winning the 2021 Royal Rumble. Edge was furious with the fact that Daniel Bryan got incorporated in the Universal Championship match at Wrestlemania 37, making it a triple-threat affair.

Somewhere down the line, we all know Edge will get his one-on-one opportunity against Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship, and Wrestlemania Backlash could well be that stage for the ultimate opportunist.