WWE: Seth Rollins soon step aside from WWE following Becky Lynch’s pregnancy

Seth Rollins took a hiatus so he can be with Becky Lynch as she has the couple’s first child. The show must go on, and WWE placed King Corbin against Murphy this week. Some fans didn’t like seeing Corbin, an ultimate heat magnet, in that new role at all.

Ringside News has learned that King Corbin is filling a role as someone for Murphy to face, but there’s no long-term thought put into things. The creative direction during Seth Rollins’ hiatus isn’t that set in stone.

A tenured member of the creative team with knowledge of the situation told us that “it’s not looked at that way” when we asked if Corbin is “filling in” for Rollins. It was explained to us as “just a new program” and everything is “day-to-day” at this point.

We know that King Corbin will battle Murphy again next week. At least, that was the match that they booked on the show. There is no greater plan after that, so don’t get frustrated about the idea of King Corbin getting this additional spotlight just yet.