WWE Rumours: Nobody in WWE is allowed to talk about this superstar, here is why

WWE Rumours: Austin Theory, agonist NXT and now currently competing in WWE RAW’s main roster. He joined hands with Seth Rollins’ Greater Goods, but he disappeared soon. And nobody knows but what happened with him.


The 22-year-old has a lot of ring potential which he has already shown in yellow brand meanwhile, he was doing the same in RAW but he was suddenly pulled from WWE television.


The timing of him being pulled from WWE television is very interesting. Reportedly, there were some allegations against him that he was accused of misbehaving with a young girl. However, Theory has not commented on any of these allegations yet. Soon after this accusation, a positive COVID-19 test in WWE caused everyone on the roster to be tested. After that, Austin Theory was off the television.


Based on some reports, when asked about Theory’s is unavailability in WWE at backstage nobody opened up for this topic. As per the rumours, there is “total silence” backstage, which means nobody is allowed to speak about him and his current status in WWE. But all such things conclude that he is not part of WWE roster at the moment.


Moreover, we are not sure about WWE’s future plan for Austin Theory. Seth Rollins & Murphy will continue their duo in the hiatus of Theory. However, Theory is still employed by the company, but he is not being used in the current situation.