WWE Rumor: WWE block downs famous trademark of Stone Cold “Austin 3:16”

Steve Austin is known for a lot of things. His middle fingers, Steveweisers, and his Austin 3:16 saying. That latest phrase, which sold millions of dollars in merchandise, is staying with WWE for a long time to come.

The company applied for a new trademark on November 24th for “Austin 3:16.” The company filed this trademark in an unusual way from how they typically lock down pro wrestling properties.

This filing for Austin 3:16 was specifically for Toys and Sporting Goods Products, “namely, action figures, accessories therefor; dolls; cases for action figures; toy wrestling rings; toy vehicles; board games.”

Austin 3:16 has been a mainstay in WWE since Stone Cold defeated Jake Roberts in 1996 to become King of the Ring. That catchphrase was the top telling t-shirt for a long time and it spawned countless other runs of merchandise. WWE obviously plans on keeping that property very active.