WWE Rumor Round: Rey Mysterio to join Tag team, Booker-T vs Sasha Banks Heat-up, Survivor Series build up, Becky Lynch shares new photo, and many more 30th October 2020

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In this week’s WWE Rumor Roundup where the article tries and brings the biggest rumors and updates from the world of WWE. With post Hell In A Cell in the review, WWE is now on the way to Survivor Series which will see team RAW take on team SmackDown.

In this daily column, we take a look at the latest rumors being churned out by the WWE rumor mill.

Important reminder: Rumors are just that — rumors. None of this has been confirmed as fact, it’s just circulating around the WWE rumor mill. We track rumor accuracy in a weekly feature called Rumor Round you can find here. Remember, take it all with a grain of salt.

Rumors for the Day:

Booker T Clears the air after upsetting Sasha Banks Fans

Becky Lynch Shows Off Baby Bump in new shadow photo

Likely attendance numbers allowed for WWE Wrestlemania 37 Venue Revealed

Rey Mysterio Talks Winning WWE TAG team Gold With Dominik Mysterio

Big Change in betting favorite for 2021 Men’s WWE Royal Rumble Winner

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