WWE: Roman Reigns sends a fire off tweet to target Kevin Owens after latest episode of SmackDown

Kevin Owens is set to challenge Roman Reigns for the Universal Title at TLC. This was a surprising booking decision for anyone who doesn’t keep up with Ringside News. Owens did a number on Roman Reigns’ family this week on SmackDown, and he has the Tribal Chief’s attention.

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Roman Reigns fired off a tweet directed at Kevin Owens. He said that the Universal Championship should have been Owens’ only interest, but he attacked Reigns’ family. Now the violence and threats are going to likely cost Kevin Owens.

The Universal Championship should have been your only interest.

You attack my blood, you bring violence and threaten our position.

You have my attention.

Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan’s match for the Universal Title was held back so Kevin Owens could get a shot at TLC. This will certainly be a big opportunity for the Prizefighter as he steps up against a newly revigorated heel Roman Reigns.