WWE Raw Rumour: Is Shayna Baszler vs. Alexa Bliss in works?


WWE Raw Rumour: Tonight on WWE Raw, Reginald was scheduled for his third intergender match, and this time her opponent was Shayna Baszler. After what transpired last two weeks. Shayna challenged Reginald for a one-on-one match on WWE Raw last week, and the bout was made official for tonight.

As the bout started, Reginald’s athleticism was on display. He was quickly moving across the ring & making it tough for Shayna to get hold of him. When Shayna got her hands on Reginald, she targeted his left knee and tormented it in the best possible manner. As the bout was nearing its end, an explosion on one of the ring posts took place. The explosion left Shayna perplexed, but Reginald got benefitted from it. The explosion’s distraction helped Reginald to get a roll-up pin over Shayna, who was left frustrated in the ring yet again.

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WWE Raw Rumour:  Reginald got invited to Alexa’s Playground!

Later in the night, Alexa Bliss invited Reginald to her Playground. Reginald made his way backstage and to the place where Alexa was there with her friend Lilly. As Alexa was chatting with Reginald, Shayna laid an attack on him and took his place. Shayna then told Alexa that her indifferent aura is creating a fuss in her recent matches, and the two need to see each other next week. 

The statement made by Shayna clearly means that she wants a piece of Alexa Bliss, but the question is, will she respond to Shayna’s statement next week? Well, we can’t predict, but a rivalry between this side of Alexa Bliss and Shayna Baszler could be one to take onto Summerslam in August. Also, it has been a while since we have seen Alexa Bliss in action, and with this feud, Alexa Bliss will get all the limelight she needs to get back into the ring.