WWE Raw: Riddle reveals what Randy said after he used RKO on Woods


WWE Raw: Riddle stunned everyone tonight on Monday Night Raw in his match against Xavier Woods. He took a cue from his idol Randy Orton’s book to hit an RKO on Xavier Woods to wrap up things for the night for himself.

After hitting an RKO to Woods, Riddle was thoroughly amused and was seen telling one of the camera guys- “This one’s for you, Randy.”

Over the weeks, we have witnessed Riddle and Orton forming one of the most unsettled yet exciting teams. Together they have managed to stay undefeated, but the murmurs for a perfect tag team are still around.

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WWE Raw: Riddle defeated Xavier Woods on WWE Raw

The single’s action between Xavier Woods and Riddle saw the latter ending up on the winning side. However, the finish of the match was the thing that grabbed many eyeballs and left everyone perplexed, including Randy Orton, who wasn’t present for the night.

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Riddle, instead of going for his own finisher, opted for Randy’s famous RKO and executed brilliantly on Woods to secure a win. After the win, Riddle ended up doing the Apex Predator- Randy Orton’s pose and his victory to him.

When the show went off-air, Riddle got invited to Raw Talk, where he revealed that he wanted to pick up this win for Randy, who lost to Kofi last week courtesy of a distraction from Xavier Woods. Riddle said,

“I wanted to get redemption for Randy. “I knew he was busy tonight, I heard he was watching Operation Dumbo Drop and eating some munchies. He knows how to take care of his body.”

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WWE Raw: Riddle revealed that Randy sent him a text following his win

As mentioned above, Randy Orton wasn’t present at the Thunderdome for the show. However, Riddle said that Randy texted him after his win. Riddle disclosed the text saying, after he hit the RKO, Randy was like-  ‘I saw that, bro.’

When asked whether Randy actually called Riddle “bro,” he said-  “If you know Randy as I do, there’s always a pause between his texts. I know he called me bro in his own subtle way.”

On asked whether he took permission from Randy to hit the RKO, Riddle said no.

“No, I didn’t [laughs]. If I made the move look bad, he would have been pissed. But I made the move look sweet and got the win over a great superstar.”