WWE Raw Results, live updates: Lashley suffers shock defeat at the hands of Kofi Kingston, check latest results

WWE Raw Results, live updates: Lashley suffers shock defeat at the hands of Kofi Kingston, check latest results
WWE Raw Results, live updates: Lashley suffers shock defeat at the hands of Kofi Kingston, check latest results

WWE Raw Results, live updates – Bobby Lashley suffers shock defeat: WrestleMania Backlash fallout, Follow Monday night LIVE Updates – Tonight’s show comes from the Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida – Bob Lashley suffered an extremely shocking defeat at the hands of Kofi Kingston – Check what happened on WWE RAW Monday Episode on 17th May (18th May morning India)

WWE Raw Results, live updates: The show started with MVP and Bobby Lashley making their way to the squared circle with some beautiful girls around them. MVP issued an open challenge for Lashley’s WWE Championship to anyone in the locker room except for Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman. However, out came Drew McIntyre and attacked Bobby and sent him back to the locker room with the open challenge still on.


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WWE Raw Results, live updates – Bob Lashley suffers shock defeat

WWE Raw Results, live updates – AJ Styles vs Elias: The first match of the night saw AJ Styles with Omos at the ring-side taking on Elias with Jaxson Ryker by his side. It was a fairly competitive match as both men went toe to toe right from the outset. Big blows and quintessential moves were on display. However, when it was looking like AJ was in command and on the way to launch his ‘Phenomenal Forearm,’ Ryker pulled him down from the apron and the match got disqualified. Result: AJ Styles won by DQ.

WWE Raw Results, live updates – Backstage: Kofi Kingston Challenges Randy Orton for a one-on-one match later in the night, and the challenge was firmly accepted by the ‘Apex Predator.’ Alexa Bliss invited Tamina and Natalya to her Playground with nothing much to dig from the story.

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WWE Raw Results, live updates – Bob Lashley suffers shock defeat

WWE Raw Results, live updates – Angel Garza vs Drew Gulak: The rivalry between Garza and Gulak continued this week as well with the two involved in a one-on-one match. Gulak started the match with a belly-to-belly suplex, but this was the only thing Gulak had to offer. Garza took control soon and wrapped up the match hitting his finisher. After the conclusion of the bout, Garza put a rose in Gulak’s mouth to leave him embarrassed in the ring. Result: Garza defeated Gulak via Pinfall.

WWE Raw Results, live updates – Randy Orton vs Kofi Kingston: The two veterans collided one-on-one against each other after 2019 and as expected it was a highly competitive match right from the word ‘go.’ After initial competitiveness, it was Orton who took the command. He hit Kofi with some cruising blows and then choked him with his left arm wrapped around his neck. It was all going good for Orton until a slight distraction from Xavier Woods by playing the trumpet, resulted in a roll-up pinfall from Kofi. Result: Kofi Kingston defeated Randy Orton via Pinfall.

WWE Raw Results, live updates – Natalya & Tamina (C) vs Nia Jax & Shayna Basler for the Women’s Tag-Team Championship: It was a rematch from last week’s Smackdown, the only catch though this time, it was Natalya and Tamina who were the champions. Nia Jax started the proceedings and ran over Natalya before giving a quick tag to Baszler. The former champions made it tough for Natalya who was struggling to tag her partner in. However, after some resilience, Tamina finally got a tag and things changed for the champions. Apart from Tamina’s force, it was Alexa Bliss who intrude with a cryptic explosion on one of the ring posts which distracted Baszler and the current champions were able to get better of their opponents. Result: Natalya and Tamina defeated Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax.


Sheamus vs Ricochet: It was more than just another match for Sheamus after he got humiliated by Ricochet last night at Wrestlemania Backlash. Despite Sheamus winning last night, Ricochet stole his long coat and hat to leave him embarrassed. Ricochet mocked Sheamus by making his way into the ring wearing the stolen long coat and hat of Sheamus. After a few blows in disdain from Ricochet, Sheamus took control and displayed his brute power. For the majority of the first half, the Irishman looked focused, but Ricochet with his high-flying skills was more than resilient in the second half of the match. He jumped off the turnbuckle on the outside near the commentary table where Sheamus was standing and made life worse for the Irishmen with his high flying moves. But eventually, it just took only one ‘Brogue Kick’ and Sheamus was able to pin the highly impressive Ricochet. Result: Sheamus won via Pinfall.


Asuka vs Charlotte: A match set by the WWE official Sonya Deville backstage saw two of the best in Raw Women’s locker room fighting with a grudge and sheer strength. Raw Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley was present at the ringside to have a close look. Hip attack, big boot strike, knee to the face, bulldog face burst, top-rope dropkicks German suplex, etc. all were on display in one of the best matches of the night. In the closing moments, Charlotte looked in control and was seeking a figure 4, but to her distress, her own move was converted into a roll-up pinfall by Asuka. With this loss, Charlotte’s chances of facing Rhea Ripley for the Raw Women’s Championship look completely bleak at least for the near future. Result: Asuka won the match via Pinfall


John Morrison vs Damian Priest (Lumberjack Match): After an uncanny ‘Zombies’ lumberjack match at Wrestlemania Backlash, it was time for the traditional Lumberjack match between Damian Priest and John Morrison. The strategy of Morrison looked under control as he made the most of the first half and continued with his acrobatic moves. At one stage Morrison escaped all the lumberjacks in his charismatic way and surprised Priest. Just when it looked Morrison was gaining momentum, Priest got back into the match effortlessly. In the process, we also saw lumberjacks break down and Priest took advantage by suplexing Morrison from the top of the turnbuckle onto the lumberjacks. Priest then didn’t waste much time and roll down curtains on the match by hitting his finisher. Result: Damian Priest defeated Morrison via Pinfall.


WWE Raw Results – Lashley suffers shock defeat: Bobby Lashley Open Challenge vs Kofi Kingston: Surprise Suprise, it was Kofi who responded to an open challenge, but MVP right before the start of the match made it clear that this would be a non-title match. Kofi’s quickness proved to be a puzzle for the All-Mighty WWE Champion as he wasn’t able to contain Kofi initially. However, the tables turned soon after Lashley hit Kofi with an elbow on the face. Kofi tried to get back into the matchup in bits and pieces but every time Lashley had an answer to counter all his maneuvers. In the closing stage, Xavier Woods present at the ringside tried distracting the referee and in the process, MVP was about to hit Kofi who was near the ropes with his stick. But, Drew McIntyre came in all of a sudden and snatched the stick from MVP and hit it on the abdomen of Lashley. Kofi took the advantage of this attack and rolled up the ‘All-Mighty’ WWE Champion to sneak through a win. Result: Kofi defeated Lashley via Pinfall.