WWE Raw Results & Highlights: Drew McIntyre defeats Kofi. Will face Lashley for the WWE Championship at HIAC


WWE Raw Results: RAW Results live updates – Check out big highlights, happenings & results of WWE Raw Monday Episode on 1st June WWE: Here are the results of tonight’s event. Get all the live updates here. Check what happened on WWE RAW Monday Episode on 1st June 2021.

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Here’s the match card:

  • Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre (No 1 Contender for WWE Championship)
  • Alexa Bliss Playground with Reginald as Special Guest
  • AJ Styles & Omos vs. Ryker & Elias (Raw Tag Team Championship)
  • Shelton Benjamin vs. Cedric Alexander
  • Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose vs. Lana & Naomi
  • Sheamus vs. Humberto Carrillo
  • Sheamus vs. Ricochet
  • T-Bar & Mace vs. The Lucha House Party
  • The Miz kicks off the night with Miz TV
  • Nikki Cross goes one on one against Charlotte Flair
  • Xavier Woods vs. Randy Orton
  • Reginald vs. Shayna Baszler

WWE Raw Results Highlights, live updates-

Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre (No 1 Contender for WWE Championship): Drew McIntyre displayed his power right from the word ‘Go.’ He took Kofi to the corner and unloaded on him with his strikes. Drew looked on the money until Kofi threw him out from the top rope and jumped off the apron. After the ad break, McIntyre hit Kofi with a Glasgow Kiss and took control. Kofi was not in a mood to give up though and his resilience was noteworthy. He came up with his offense to gain control, but once again McIntyre changed the complexion of the match with two belly-to-belly throws.

Kofi once again made his presence felt by hitting an SOS out of nowhere. He then tried a failed pinfall attempt after which McIntyre rolled out of the ring to give himself some time. But Kofi was in no mood to give McIntyre any time for respite and jumped off the corner only to be lifted and thrown over the barricade.

An awkward landing didn’t do well to Kofi’s back and Drew McIntyre took the advantage altogether. Kofi once again tried to fight back with the top of the turnbuckle powerbomb. He ended up with yet another unsuccessful pin that frustrated him. Drew then tried to put Kofi away with a spinning future shock DDT, but Kofi was yet again resilient. The match saw so many offenses and exemplary moves as both the warriors were not willing to go down.

At one stage, Drew using his core strength threw Kingston off the top rope, and when he was loading for a Claymore, Kofi hit him with a Trouble in Paradise. However, once again the referee could only count two and Drew McIntyre survived yet another close count. In the closing moments, Kofi tried for a super fall off the turnbuckle but McIntyre hit him with a Claymore to close off the night.

WWE Raw Results: Drew McIntyre defeated Kofi Kingston via Pinfall.


Alexa Bliss Playground with Reginald as Special Guest: As Alexa was talking to Reginald, Shayna ambushed an attack on Reginald and took his place. Shayna told Alexa that she is becoming a problem for her and the two need to see each other next week. What does that mean? Is it going to be Shayna vs, Alexa Bliss? Who knows.


Backstage: Elias explained why he escaped from the match when Ryker tried to tag him in. Elias said last week when he needed help Ryker did the same and it was time for payback.


AJ Styles & Omos vs. Ryker & Elias (Raw Tag Team Championship): As the bell rung, Elias attacked Styles from behind in the ring. He took him to the corner and continued with his attacks. The veteran Styles came back into the thick of things with a suplex, but soon fall prey to Elias. After Elias tagged Ryker in, AJ Styles didn’t let the big man settle and took him out of the ring. After the ad break, tables turned on Styles as the Phenomenal one was reeling in the middle of the ring with Jaxson Ryker in full control.

Just when Ryker was about to tag in Elias, he betrayed his partner and walked about. On the other corner, Styles tagged in Omos, and the big man just crushed Ryker inside the ring. In the closing moments, Omos tagged in Styles and he wrapped up things with a Phenomenal Forearm. Result: Styles pinned Ryker to retain the Tag Team Titles.


Shelton Benjamin vs. Cedric Alexander: This match was all-important for Benjamin who was looking to haunt the ghost from the last week. Bragging rights were at stake but Alexander once again played dirty by poking into Benjamin’s eyes like the way he did last week. He eventually hit Benjamin with his finisher to secure a victory.

WWE Raw Results: Cedric Alexander defeated Shelton Benjamin via Pinfall.


Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose vs. Lana & Naomi: Lana and Dana started the proceedings for their respective teams. Lana and Naomi were seen tagging their partners regularly. The tactic however didn’t work much as Rose and Dana took control. The momentum however shifted pretty soon as Naomi got back into the match ever so quickly. In the closing moments, it just took a jump by Dana from the corner on Lana to close the match.

WWE Raw Result: Dana Brooke pinned Lana to secure a victory for her team.


Sheamus vs. Humberto Carrillo: Sheamus was in back-to-back matches. After the ad break, Sheamus had already started his fight with Carrillo and the Champion was in total control. Ricochet was there at the ringside and was seen cheering Carrillo. Humberto got some momentum when he busted open Sheamus’ nose. With some exciting and athletic moves along with some distraction from Ricochet, Sheamus was rolled up for a second pinfall of the night.

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WWE Raw Result: Humberto Carrillo defeated Sheamus via Pinfall.


Sheamus vs. Ricochet: The match ended up in a hurry. Sheamus was all over Ricochet and making things tough for the high-flyer. He was beating the hell up of Ricochet only the time till Humberto’s music hit and the Mexican came out. This distracted the United States Champion and the distraction was enough for Ricochet to pick up a roll-up pin.

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WWE Raw Result: Ricochet defeated Sheamus via pinfall.


T-Bar & Mace vs. The Lucha House Party: T-Bar was the one to start the domination over Lince Dorado. The Lucha House Party was never in the match and eventually, it just took a double chokeslam from Mace & T-Bar on Gran Mettalick to secure a victory. Result: Mace & T-Bar won the match.


The Miz kicks off the night with Miz TV: The MIZ talked about his lumberjack match against Damian Priest at Wrestlemania Backlash. After telling how tough the match was, The Miz welcomed his guests for the night Charlotte Flair and Raw Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley. The two women were ready to go head to head right from the outset but The Miz calmed down things.

Charloyyer then made Rhea realize that she couldn’t beat Nikki last week under 2 mins and just when Thea was about t explain her defeat, Nikki Cross interrupted. She came and said that she survived Rhea last week and should get a shot at the title after whoever emerges victorious at Hell in a Cell. Rhea agreed to the proposal but Charlotte didn’t. Nikki then slapped on Charlotte’s face and a furious charlotte challenged Nikki Cross for a match where she can beat the latter in under a minute. The match is up next.


Nikki Cross vs. Charlotte Flair (Beat the clock challenge 2 mins): It was a Cat & Mouse chase. Charlotte first moved out of the ring and then Nikki did the same. By the time Charlotte got hold of Nikki, one minute was passed already. In the closing moments, Charlotte was going for her submission maneuver but the clock ticked off.

WWE Raw Results: Cross survived the 2 mins challenge.


Backstage: Randy Orton invited Riddle for his match tonight so that Riddle could learn something.


Xavier Woods vs. Randy Orton: Randy started the proceedings and vowed Woods with an RKO which was countered by Woods. Orton then took the match to the outside and slammed Woods on the commentary table. After the ad break, both competitors were in the ring with Orton in control. However, Woods came back with fury fists and random shots to pick up the pace. Woods was looking in full control he countered Randy’s DDT from the rope and attacked his left arm. However, Randy executed the DDT successfully the second time. In the closing moments. Randy came up with a big surprise as he hit Woods with Riddle’s finisher Bro-Derek to earn a victory.

WWE Raw Results: Randy won via Pinfall.


Shayna Baszler vs. Reginald (Intergender Match): Reginald’s athleticism was something to see, He continuously used his quickness and body-slammed Shayna. However, the submission specialist targeted the left knee and ankle of Reginald to start her domination. She continuously targeted Reginald’s left knee and was able to punish him. Reginald got an opening when he put Baszler to the corner and fought back. However, the explosion that has been hurting Reginald for the past two weeks helped him this time as one more corner-post exploded in the match which amazed Shayna. Reginald took advantage of the distraction and secured a roll-up pin.

WWE Raw Results : Reginald won by pinfall.