WWE Raw results, grades, and winner: Here is all you need to know

WWE Raw results: On this week’s episode of Raw it was raining championships. Multiple titles were put on line and Ric Flair presented Randy Orton as the Greatest Wrestler Ever and Edge dropped a bomb on his future in the sport in this episode of Monday Night Raw.

The matches which were already announced by WWE were:

1) Asuka vs Charlotte Flair: Raw Women’s Championship

2) The Street Profit vs The Viking Raiders: Raw Tag Team championship match

3) R-Truth vs Akira Tozawa: 24/7 Championship Match

4) The Ilconics vs Sasha Banks and Bayley: Women’s Tag Team Championship Match

5) Rey Mysterio

With the return of Rey Mysterio, undoubtedly to confront “Monday Night Messiah” Seth Rollins, the show promised fireworks.

What went down, were any new champions crowned and what bombshell did The Rated R Superstar drop on his fans, friends and family?

WWE Raw Results, matches and grades:

WWE Raw Results, grades: Dolph Ziggler Interrupts Drew McIntryre – Extreme Rules Match confirmed

This week’s Monday Night Raw was kicked off by Universal cahmpion Drew McIntyre. But before he could make a point, Dolph Ziggler interrupted. The Show off took for the Scottish pyschopath’s revival and demanded a match. It was a teaser for Extreme Rules match up.

Grade: A

WWE Raw Results, grades: Nia Jax stages a protest, R-Truth and Charlotte Flair interrupt

Nia Jax had decided to stage a protest over being “screwed” out of the WWE Raw Women’s championship twice in one week. But before she could go any further, the 24/7 champion R-Truth made his way to the ring and accused Akira Tozawa in disguise when the latter with his legion of Ninjas appeared.

Next was the Queen who interrupted Jax’s protest claims that she is where she is due to his father.

Grade C-

 WWE Raw Results, grades:  Randy Orton’s next feud with Big Show

“Nature Boy” Ric Flair made his way to the ring to present Randy Orton as the Greatest Wrestler Ever, but before he introduced The Viper, he issued a warning to Nia Jax over her attack on Charlotte, claiming The Queen will be back and seeking revenge.

Flair put Orton over as the greatest star in WWE history. The Viper warned not to confuse nostalgia with legacy, equating his attacks on Edge and Christian as nostalgic. He said the fire he feels in the pit of his stomach is simply him establishing his legacy.

Orton said he is getting pleasure out of being The Legend Killer again, just in time for Big Show to interrupt the proceedings.

“I’m not going to let you glorify everything Randy Orton did,” he said, before vowing revenge for Edge and Christian. He said Orton is a parasite that latches on to everyone around him and said he and Flair will feel the wrath of a pissed-off giant.

Orton complimented Big Show before referring to him as a legend and then suggested it would be a shame for him to suffer the same fate as Edge and Christian. He finished with a warning, telling Big Show what happens from here is on him.

Grade: A

WWE Raw Results, grades: Rey Mysterio returns!

Rey Mysterio returned to Raw Monday night, accompanied by his son, Dominik. He mentioned both pride and anger in his child for defending the Mysterio name a week ago before insisting on finishing things with Seth Rollins on his own.

Dominik said he wasn’t going anywhere and that this is what a family looks like.

Rollins arrived on the scene and teased taking out both father and son with the help of Murphy and Austin Theory. That is, until Humberto Carrillo and Aleister Black returned, fighting the heels off and standing tall alongside Mysterio and Dominik to close out the show.


WWE Raw LIVE Results, grades and highlights:

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship: The Street Profits defeat Viking Raiders

 Grade: C+

 WWE Raw Women’s Championship: Asuka defeat Charlotte Flair

Grade: B+

 24/7 Championship Match; Akira Tozawa defeat R-Truth

Grade: C-

Liv Morgan vs Natalya in a non-title match: Natalya beat Morgan

 Grade: D

 WWE Raw Women’s Tag Team Championship Match: Golden Role Model beat The Ilconics

Grade: C

 Match for MVP’s “The VIP Lounge”: Apollo Crews beat Shelton Benjamin

Grade: C+