WWE Raw Predictions: Top 5 superstars to watch out for this week

WWE Raw Predictions: After the latest event Extreme Rules this week’s Monday Night RAW is set to feature once again some high-profile…

WWE Raw Predictions: After the latest event Extreme Rules this week’s Monday Night RAW is set to feature once again some high-profile segments. This three hours show will bring some exciting contests and some curious announcements. In this week’s RAW, we will have two so-called Champions and WWE Champion who retained his title successfully.


Moreover, this week’s RAW will also provide the update on Rey Mysterio’s injury during ” An eye for an eye match” against Seth Rollins. Apart from there are many more jaw-dropping actions which will take place this week on RAW.


Let’s predict the top 5 superstars to watch out in this week’s Monday Night RAW



5) WWE Raw Predictions: Bobby Lashley


Since his return in WWE Bobby Lashley is an unleashed force who is destroying his opponent in half. And his partial feud with Ricochet at the moment suggests that WWE is out of the storyline. Since the superstar like Bobby Lashley deserves a better chance. As the speculations are also going on that after the Extreme Rules he will get his dream match against ‘the beast incarnate’ which everybody is waiting for so long.


Lesnar has not shown in WWE since his Wrestlemania 36 defeat against Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship. So WWE would not mind to bring him back again before the next pay per view after Extreme Rules in SummerSlam to get the flagship back in the company. So this week’s RAW will be interesting to watch out how Bobby Lashley reacts.



4) WWE Raw Predictions: Kevin Owens


The Prizefighter Kevin Owens stunned the WWE Universe two weeks ago on RAW by his return. And challenged the Seth Rollins in a one on one action match on RAW which was also considered as their Wrestlemania rematch. And in this battle, Kevin Owens defeated the Seth Rollins in a one-sided contest. And in the latest event Extreme Rules he defeated Murphy in the early kickoff. The next PPV is also on its way and Kevin Owens would like to get a better chance to face someone at the SummerSlam. It will be interesting to see whether Owens gets his push off again or not.


3) WWE Raw Predictions: Asuka


The former RAW Women’s Champion Asuka would in a foul temper after what she witnessed at this Extreme Rules. When she was facing Sasha Banks, who was joined by her Co. Bayley in this battle for the championship. As Asuka was almost there to pin the Sasha Banks when Asuka tried to spilt green mist move on Banks but it turned to spill on the match official. And later, Bayley took advantage of it and wore the official dress count 1,2,3 and helped her friend Sasha Banks to become the doubles champion. But it will interesting to see whether this victory is acceptable or not.


So, Asuka will be in an angry mood to take avenge from ‘the golden role model’ Sasha Banks and Bayley for their rebellious action her at Extreme Rules.


2) WWE Raw Predictions: Randy Orton 


The Viper Randy Orton will take on the giant the Big Show this week on Monday Night RAW in an Unsantionced match. Randy Orton who is already unbeaten since Wrestlemania 36 and he will like to continue his unbeaten run against the Big Show. Everybody initially thought that Randy Orton will face off against Big Show at this Extreme Rules but, that show was already action-packed which made the WWE give fans something more to cheer after that catastrophic event this week on RAW. This match will be a classic battle between two of the well-known figure in WWE. And there chances that this would be great for Orton to prove his dominance for a front runner for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam.



1). WWE Raw Predictions: Drew McIntyre 


After the superb performance against Dolph Ziggler in this latest event, Extreme Rules WWE Champion Drew McIntyre once again favourite to make this title more memorable. Drew McIntyre has beaten almost every superstar which he faced since Wrestlemania 36, he conquered the beast, Brock Lesnar, for his Championship, then Big Show after the following night of Wrestlemania and Seth Rollins in the Money in the Bank further, Bobby Lashley last month on June. And currently Dolph Ziggler in this Extreme Rules in a stipulation match where McIntyre was standing stacked against odds. But the Champion Drew McIntyre accomplished that mission too. Now, he will be addressing the WWE Universe this week on Monday Night RAW for his next opponent.



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