WWE Raw Predictions: Drew McIntyre drops big hint for his match against Dolph Ziggler

WWE Raw Predictions: There is a lot of heat build-up again between the current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and his arch-rival Dolph Ziggler not just only inside the ring but also outside the ring. As earlier today, both the superstars took Twitter to mock each before their rematch. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre decided to tease Dolph Ziggler by giving him some possible hint for their stipulations matches on Twitter.
However, it was also noted that two will face off each other in a non-title match this time, whereas Drew McIntyre will decide the stipulation for this match.
It was Drew McIntyre who first jangle on the Twitter a post shared by WWE for their rematch and he responded with this “I heard someone shout eye for an eye last week”. It was the same kind of Stipulation match which took place between Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins at the Extreme Rules “An eye for an eye” match.
Here you can see the full tweet conversation between these two:
As Dolph Ziggler was not very far to retort Drew McIntyre with this “Make it a career for career, coward”. McIntyre did not show much concern on Ziggler’s tweet however, McIntyre shared a picture of Dolph Ziggler with shaved hair and wrote “I’m booking the territory kid. Tho this image has caught my attention.”
Ziggler did not react on this tweet of Drew McIntyre but he will keep his eyes on McIntyre’s stipulation match decision this week on RAW.


Drew McIntyre defeated the Dolph Ziggler at Extreme Rules in a stipulation match where McIntyre was” prohibited to use any arsenal against Dolph Ziggler, if he does so he will lose his title”. However, Ziggler’s stipulation type could not help him to defeat McIntyre, who was standing against odds in that match still McIntyre emerged victorious over Ziggler and retained his Championship in that flabbergasting match.