WWE Raw Predictions: 5 WWE superstars to watch out in this week’s

WWE RAW Predictions: The longest – running episodic television show Monday Night RAW is again ready to bring the best out of…

WWE RAW Predictions: The longest – running episodic television show Monday Night RAW is again ready to bring the best out of it. This week’s RAW has already annunciated some of the prodigious segments which will give you goosebumps. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre will decide his stipulation type this week on RAW for his Championship rematch against Dolph Ziggler.

However, on the other segment we will have the Women’s Championship match on this amazing episode of RAW.

A major Triple Threat match that will take place this Monday Night RAW. The winning team will get the opportunity to become the number #1 contender for Raw Tag Team Championships to face off against the Current Raw Tag Team Championships the Street Profits at the biggest event of the summer at SummerSlam.

Moreover, ‘The apex predator’ Randy Orton will be ready to choose his future opponent in this latest episode of WWE Raw. There are lots of other surprising and flabbergasting segments about to take place in this three hours of excitement.

Let’s us check out the top 5 superstars who can be the showrunners on Monday Night RAW this week

5). WWE Raw Predictions: ‘The Hurt Business’

The newest trio faction ‘the Hurt Business’ has already warned other factions in RAW that this is their time now. This faction led by MVP, the current 24/7 Champion Shelton Benjamin and the dominant force Bobby Lashley. However, this trio’s first match was not that impressive as they lost against the team of Cedric Alexander, Ricochet and Mustafa Ali last week on RAW. But this trio will be looking to take their avenge from other three. It will be startle to see how much destruction this trio can bring in this week’s RAW.

4).  WWE Raw Predictions: Dominick Mysterio

Rey Mysterio’s son Dominick Mysterio will be in the ring to confront Seth Rollins this week on RAW. Dominick will be looking to ask Rollins for his notorious action against his father Rey Mysterio at Extreme Rules. Rey Mysterio lost the match against Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules in “An eye for an eye” match. Rollins emerged victoriously when he jammed the high-flyer’s eye into the corner of the ring steps. Mysterio then rolled around in pain while clutching his ‘eye’ in his hands. And Rey Mysterio took by the doctor’s team immediately after that. Moreover, Dominick Mysterio will speak about his father current situation in this week’s RAW. There are chances that Dominick might challenge Rollins for a singles match to take his father’s avenge. It will be interesting to see how Dominick react this week on RAW.


3).  WWE Raw Predictions: Randy Orton

‘The Apex Predator’ Randy Orton is all ready to stunningly choose his next opponent to give him punt kick. Randy Orton has already mangled down some of the greats in this business such as Edge, Christian and Big Show with his maniac. Now he will be looking to do the same to his future opponent when he decide this week on RAW. As based on WWE rumours his next opponent would be the Current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre whom Randy Orton will challenge at SummerSlam for the championship match. But things going to be interesting when he chooses his next opponent this week on RAW.


2).  WWE Raw Predictions : Drew McIntyre to choose stipulation kind

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is all set to choose his stipulation type this week on RAW for a championship rematch against Dolph Ziggler. After Dolph Ziggler lost the match against Drew McIntyre at Extreme Rules for WWE championship and McIntyre continued his winning run.
As last week on RAW Dolph Ziggler almost begged Drew McIntyre for a championship rematch and McIntyre, admittedly, accepted but the question mark that this time he will choose the stipulation. And there are chances that McIntyre will this stipulation match as ‘falls count anywhere’ match to beat the hell out of Ziggler one last time in this match.


1).  WWE Raw Predictions: Sasha Banks vs Asuka

WWE Women’s championship rematch between Asuka and Sasha banks will take place this week on RAW. This main event has been decided by Stephanie McMahon last week on RAW after the controversial end of WWE Women’s championship at Extreme Rules. In this match, title can change on pinfall, count out, submission, disqualification or if any interfere. Asuka would be pleased to hear that since she gets her rematch again and ‘the golden role model’ will rethink again to beat Asuka and this time circumstances would be different.

So it would interesting to see whether Asuka gets back what belongs to her or Sasha Banks has some other plan along with Bayley for this match.

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