WWE Raw highlights and results: Top 5 jaw-dropping moments from this week’s episode 21 July 2020

WWE Raw Results and highlights : The latest episode of Monday Night RAW has announced some major segments for next week’s RAW.…

WWE Raw Results and highlights : The latest episode of Monday Night RAW has announced some major segments for next week’s RAW. But at the moment we focus on this week’s RAW, this Monday night on RAW we had the main event match between Randy Orton versus Big Show. However, We also witnessed couple of tag team action this week on red brand.


And surprising change of hand on 24/7 Championship. Seth Rollins reacted on Rey Mysterio’s injury and later, battled out in a singles match. If this week’s RAW limelight was Randy Orton vs Big Show then, Women’s roster also not far from the since we have official confirmation of championship rematch at next week on RAW.


And there were many more astonishing and eye-opening match that took place this week on red brand.


However, let’s us move and check out the top 5 moment from this week’s Monday Night RAW which made this episode special.



5). Shelton Benjamin (New 24/7 Champion) 


The lastest episode of RAW explained what happened at the backstage initially before the kick off. As 24/7 R-Truth then was stopped by MVP and Bobby Lashley while R-Truth entering into his locker room, and from no where it was Shelton Benjamin who attacked R-Truth and pinned him to become the New 24/7 Champion. Shelton Benjamin after becoming the New 24/7 Champion later set up in a six men tag team match, and lost there. But he would be pleased with the mission which he accomplished today by winning the new championship.




4). Sairi Kane Def. Bayley


The Japanese start and one half of the Kabuki Warrior Kairi Sane took on against SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley in this latest segment of RAW. Kairi Sane known for her high-flying and Japanese skills and she performed the same against Bayley. And defeated the Bayley in this latest segment of RAW. This victory meant so much for her as she took the avenge of her friend Asuka’s insult from Bayley. And there are chances that her next opponent would be Shayna Baszler, who was keeping her eye on this match from backstage.



3). Stephanie McMahon’s big announcement


WWE has made it official that next week on WWE Raw, we will have WWE Women’s Championship rematch between Asuka and Sasha banks. And this announcement has been made by WWE’s Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon in this latest episode of WWE Raw. In this match, title can change on pinfall, count out, submission, disqualification or if any interfere. Asuka would be pleased to hear that since she gets her rematch again and ‘the golden role model’ will rethink again to beat Asuka and this time circumstances would be different.

So it would interesting to see whether Asuka gets back what belongs to her or Sasha Banks has some other plan along with Bayley for this match.



2). Randy Orton Def. Big Show


It was the main event for this week RAW when ‘The apex predator’ Randy Orton punted ‘the giant’ Big Show in this latest segment of RAW in an Unsantionced match. The match started with Orton as favorite in this match and he did the same but initially, it was Big Show who dominated this fight and try to squash Randy Orton. But ‘the viper’ Orton with his RKO conquered Big Show and stood tall in the ring and defeated Big Show. And with this impressive victory Randy Orton is undefeated since Wrestlemania 36, and there are chances his next target would be WWE Championship for which he seems the current front runner for the title match. So it will be interesting to see whether he gets his title match or not.



1). Drew McIntyre decides his stipulation for championship rematch


After the Extreme Rules impressive victory over ‘the showoff’ Dolph Ziggler for WWE Championship and McIntyre successfully retained his title against him. McIntyre was fighting in a match with the stacked odds against him since ”he was prohibited to use any kind of stipulation in this match, and if he does so that then he will lose his championship” and only Dolph Ziggler can used the stipulation in that match. But McIntyre still hold his nerves and defeated Dolph Ziggler in that thunderous match.

And that was not the end of this story as in this latest episode of RAW as McIntyre announced he will face Dolph Ziggler once again but this time “he will choose the stipulation of his kind ” so it will be interesting to see what ” the Scottish Psychopath” has in his mind for this Championship rematch. But one thing for sure WWE fans will witness an awesome contest once again.



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