WWE: Possible reason why Rey and Dominik Mysterio did not show up on last episode of SmackDown

In all the goings on of SmackDown this past Friday, you may or may not have missed the absence of a regular act on the show.

Or if you did, we now know why they weren’t on the show.

The Mysterio family was absent from the show this past Friday, no sign of Rey, Dominik, or Aalyah were nowhere to be found. The reason why? Simply put, they just weren’t booked.

Ringside News has reported the family wasn’t booked to be on SmackDown this week. Rey and Dominik weren’t booked and Aalyah wasn’t there because she travels with them. They went on to say it wasn’t an issue of getting time off for the holidays or “hanging around backstage.” It simply comes down to WWE not booking them.

Their report added Rey and Dominik are not booked for TLC as well.

It makes sense not to fly them in, as the family is still based in California. If it can save a few dollars for travel and help keep them protected from COVID-19, it makes sense not to bring them in. That said, it’s not reported if they’ll be on this week’s SmackDown, but we will have to wait and see.