WWE NXT Takeover Results: Raquel Gonzales retains her title after defeating Ember Moon in a showpiece bout

WWE NXT Takeover Results

WWE NXT Takeover Results- Raquel Gonzales retains Title: Raquel Gonzalez’s first title defense as the NXT Women’s Champion did go well as she defeated Ember Moon tonight at the Capitol Wrestling Center to retain her title. It was a match comprised of numerous brawls both inside and outside the ring. Ember Moon had absolute rage in her eyes after what transpired with her for the last two weeks, but she couldn’t end up winning the title. 

Power moves were on display!

WWE NXT Takeover Results- Raquel Gonzales retains Title: The match started with fierce strikes, and it was almost a brawl. Moon was ferociously striking in ambush but Gonzales was quick to beat down the challenger and set her for multiple near falls. Moon kept herself alive and kicking with double knee strikes and other impressive moves.

At one stage, Moon hit the eclipse on Gonzales and almost won the match, but Dakota Kai got Gonzalez’s foot on the bottom rope to keep the champion and her championship alive. 

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Shotzi Blackheart made a surprise appearance!

WWE NXT Takeover Results: Shotzi Blackheart was taken out by Raquel Gonzales two weeks back on WWE NXT. She was power bombed on the ramp by the champion and was forced to miss the show the following week. However, she returned tonight to take out Dakota Kai, who was there at the ringside was helping Gonzales to stay in the match.

Shotzi ambushed Dakota Kai and took her to the ramp and then to the set. She beat the hell out of her and took her backstage to ensure Kai couldn’t help Gonzales further in the match.

Gonzalez’s powerbomb to end the proceedings!

WWE NXT Takeover Results: After having fought for more than 20 minutes, Moon hit a DDT off the middle rope to the rampway to secure a pin, but Gonzales was resilient. Eventually, it was the champion who hit a Powerbomb to secure a pinfall victory over Moon to ensure she doesn’t hold the NXT women’s title twice in her career.