WWE NXT Takeover Results: Karrion Kross too strong to hold on his NXT Championship in the main event of the night

WWE NXT Takeover Results

WWE NXT Takeover Results: Chaos, brutality, fierceness, and a hard-fought tussle were on display in the NXT Takeover: In Your House main event fatal 5-way match for the NXT Championship. But eventually, it was the undefeated Karrion Kross who retained the title despite all the odds.

It was a perfect display of an enigmatic brawl!

WWE NXT Takeover Results: The fatal 5-way match was a showpiece event of the night. Initially, Cole went up against his former mate O’Reilly while Dunne went after Gargano as Kross waited for his first opponent. Kross started with some fierce exchange with the Bruiserweight Pete Dunne. Power moves along with high-flying moves and cutthroat kicks kept everyone’s interest in the match.

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After Dunne, O’Reilly went to Kross and his legs, but a roundhouse kick knocked off O’Reilly. Still, O’Reilly didn’t go down and locked in a submission on him, but the champion hit a suplex to sent him out of the ring. 

Gargano was the net to get his turn on Kross, but the juggernaut champion overpowered him to send him out. Then came Cole, who started by hitting a kick on Kross’s face and slapped him a bit. He ended up with an Enziguri. Just when Cole was looking good, Dunne pulled him between the apron, and O’Reilly, Dunne, Gargano attacked him cohesively to gain momentum. Kross then got time to get back to normal and he started slamming everyone with a German suplex.

Pete Dunne was the most impressive!

WWE NXT Takeover Results: Bruiserweight Pete Dunne was highly impressive throughout the bout. He was the one containing the juggernaut moves of Kross and replying to him with his uncanny fighting skills.

Dunne even snapped Kross’s fingers to dismantle them. He also troubled Kross with a triangle choke until Gargano and Cole broke the submission.

Kross was momentarily taken out twice during the match. He was first slammed into the set door by Gargano & Dunne and then was slammed onto the announce desk by O’Reilly & Cole. After Kross was taken out, the remaining four competitors moved into the ring and beat the hell out of each other, but a pinfall wasn’t achieved.

In the closing moments, O’Reilly went for a heel hook on Cole. Just when it looked like Cole was losing his strength and going to tap, Kross caught O’Reilly with a sleeper hold that saw him passing out. After the match ended, Scarlett came into the ring and celebrated the victory with Kross.