WWE NXT Results: Kross retains his title, Monet makes an impressive in-ring debut. Check out the results for this week’s NXT

WWE NXT Results

WWE NXT Results:  The Capital Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida, hosted WWE NXT this Tuesday, and as expected with the match card, the show had it all. Here’s a look into each and every segment of the night.  

Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart VS Dakota Kai & NXT Women’s Champion Raquel Gonzalez

The show started with an old rivalry reigniting. Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart were up against their old foes Dakota Kai and the new NXT women’s Champion- Raquel Gonzales. The match was nothing short of brilliance as both teams looked to tear apart each other. 

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At the flag end of the match, Gonzales tried to give a one-arm Powerbomb to Moon in the middle, but Moon turned it into a modified Eclipse. Dakota Kai then got caught in between Moon and Shotzi in the middle of the ring, and eventually, Moon covers her up for a win. 

WWE NXT Results: Moon and Blackheart won via Pinfall.

Pete Dunne VS Bobby Fish

The much-awaited returning match of Bobby Fish got a great response. Fish, who got sidelined with a triceps injury after his War Games match in 2020, had a lot to prove. His return wasn’t a fairytale one as Pete Dunne, with his uncanny moves, got the better of Bobby Fish. However, the match had everything as two of the most technically sound wrestlers in WWE NXT displayed some great submissive moves and took down each other several times. 

WWE NXT Results: Pete Dunne won via Pinfall.

Mercedes Martinez VS Zayda Ramier

This bout was more of a mismatch as Mercedes Martinez looked in complete control in almost every phase of the match. At times, Ramier got slime opportunities to showcase her moves, but Martinez was overpowering her opponent with her extraordinary strength. In the closing moments, Martinez slammed Ramier from the top of the post and followed her move with a running knee to the jaw. She ended up with the Air Raid Crash to secure a pinfall.
WWE NXT Results: Martinez won via Pinfall.

Franky Monet VS Cora Jade

We finally witnessed the “World Premier” of Franky Monet on the Black & Gold brand. Her opponent for this match was Cora Jade. Monet was thoroughly impressive throughout the bout. Her moves, her skillsets were pinpoint, also she didn’t back down from talking trash to Jade on her face.

Spear, Rikishi Splash, Running double knees to the back of the head, chest chops, etc., everything was on display from Monet. In the closing stages, Monet dropped down Jade with a sit-out Glam Slam to secure a pinfall victory.

WWE NXT Result: Franky Monet wins via Pinfall.

WWE NXT Championship: Finn Balor VS Karrion Kross (C)

One of the biggest rematches in NXT history was granted the main-event status for the night. Karrion Cross VS Finn Balor part 2 was always going to be a high octane clash, and it lived up to the hype. 

After the bell rung, the two stalwarts sized up each other. The proceedings started with a tussle and a headlock, with both competitors putting their strength on display. In the initial part of the match, Balor, with his striking abilities, tried to take down Kross. But, whenever he thinks he got the better of the Champion, Kross stands strong and stuns Balor with his strength. At some stages, the ridiculous strength of Kross frustrated Balor, and he lashes on the Champion, especially with some stomps on the chest but only to get hurt and beaten afterwards.

As the match was nearing its flag end, Kross nails a heavy clothesline to take down Balor. He then strikes a big forearm in the corner and then on the back of his head in the middle of the ring to drop Balor down. Once Balor was down, Kross applied his famous choke from behind that saw Balor fading away. This forced referee to call the match, and Kross retained his championship. 

WWE NXT Result: Karion Kross won as Balor passes out.