WWE NXT Results and Highlights 26th November 2020: Kevin Owens KO Show on NXT, Rhea Ripley Live, Championship match and more, Check out full results here

WWE NXT Results: Kevin Owens joined WWE NXT on commentary. Kevin Owens joined WWE. WWE NXT featured Ember Moon in action against Candice LeRae, Timothy Thatcher vs. Kushida and Jake Atlas vs. Cameron Grimes.

The main event featured Pete Dunne’s American in-ring return as he faced Kyle O’Reilly in a Ladder Match to decide the man advantage at WWE NXT WarGames.

WWE NXT garnered 638,000 viewers last week compared to 850,000 for AEW Dynamite.

WWE NXT Ratings, Last Five Weeks
November 18, 2020—638,000

November 11, 2020—632,000

November 4, 2020–610,000

October 28, 2020—876,000

October 21, 2020—644,000

WWE NXT—Key Competition

WWE NXT Total YouTube Viewership Last Week:
2,801,311 (Up from 2,278,039 views)

Most-Viewed: Io Shirai vs. Rhea Ripley—WWE NXT Women’s Championship (458,671 views)
Least-Viewed: Kushida vs. Arturo Ruas (82,326 views)
Median Viewership: 160,731 views
WWE NXT Results—Wednesday, November 25, 2020
Candice LeRae def. Ember Moon

Given all the heels surrounding the ring, this match did not bode well for Ember Moon.

Ember Moon just came back and her losing ways are already an issue.

Given the fact that she was nowhere to be found throughout this long match where Moon was outnumbered, I could see Toni Storm’s heel turn from miles away.

Undisputed Era Appears Live

The Undisputed Era and The Kings of NXT are running circles around every Survivor Series Elimination Match in terms of buildup.

Once upon a time this heel stable seemed destined for a split, but fast forward to today and this was one helluva babyface promo.

Kushida def. Timothy Thatcher

This match has strong style written all over it.

Timothy Thatcher bled from the mouth in this match because of course he did.

Thatcher-Ciampa still seems like a promising feud that could really make Thatcher if NXT decides to go in that direction.

The KO Show with Leon Ruff

Not only did Leon Ruff dress like a champion, but his otherwise generic theme music hits too.

Leon Ruff was so likable in this segment, but some parts bordered on him coming off like more of a fan than a Superstar.

Kevin Owens literally (and cynically) counted down to when Johnny Gargano was going to come out and Gargano walked out almost on cue.

Kevin Owens has been watching wrestling for too long. That was the moral of this segment.

Cameron Grimes def. Jake Atlas

This battle of the underrated left WWE Twitter speechless for the first time in history as they didn’t know who to side with.

This match wasn’t as good as it should have been but I’m glad Cameron Grimes actually won.

Cameron Grimes tried to leave the building to avoid Dexter Lumis’ video vignette, only to see himself appear on the “X” in the entranceway, and for whatever reason that video kept him from leaving.

As if they haven’t run gimmicks into the ground, the next chapter of Cameron Grimes vs. Dexter Lumis will be a strap match.

Rhea Ripley Appears Live

Rhea Ripley appearing in a “what’s next” segment tonight suggests maybe she isn’t leaving NXT.

Boy, this women’s WarGames match seems forced.

Pete Dunne vs. Kyle O’Reilly—Ladder Match

The announcers made a bigger deal about this being Kyle O’Reilly’s first match since NXT 31 than this being Pete Dunne’s first match in almost forever.

I did not expect the ladder to break during Pete Dunne’s suplex, but when it did it looked so great.

NXT couldn’t have thought of a better use for Pete Dunne’s finger-snap gimmick than to do so at the top of a ladder.

Pat McAfee came out in the exact same mask from a few short weeks ago yet Vic Joseph still had to pretend like he didn’t have a clue whom it could have been.