WWE Raw: Watch Sami Zayn’s Trail to Brock Lesnar returning to squash Bobby Lashley: Top 3 moments of WWE Raw

Raw Top 3 Moments January 23: January 23, 2023, remarked the 30th anniversary of Raw. Fans were expecting a blockbuster event and…

WWE Raw: Top 3 Moments
WWE Raw: Top 3 Moments

Raw Top 3 Moments January 23: January 23, 2023, remarked the 30th anniversary of Raw. Fans were expecting a blockbuster event and they were not disappointed. The audience witnessed several over-the-top moments and cried out loud. Here are the Top 3 moments of the show that the fans are not going to forget anytime soon. Follow WWE Raw Live Updates with InsideSport.IN 

WWE Raw: Top 3 Moments

1. The Trial Of Sami Zayn

With his theme song playing enters Roman Reigns, along with The Bloodline. Reigns entered the ring and asks the crowd to acknowledge him. Everyone takes their seats and Roman handover the mic to Heyman. The crowd shouts “ECW”. Heyman addressing the crow says ECW is dead and he hopes the same in the case of Sami Zayn.

Paul Heyman states that Zayn is involved in a conspiracy with Kevin Owens. He then goes on to show four pieces of evidence to prove Sami Zayn is “guilty”. After that, he rests his case.

Sami stands up and expresses how hurt he is by whatever Heyman said. Zayn even slams Heyman for ignoring his feelings. Sami Zayn rests his case with “my defense is, I have no defense”.

Roman gets amazed by the fact that Sami is not going to defend himself. He then screams Solo’s name and Solo advances toward Sami. As Solo was about to destroy Sami with his Samoan spike, Jey stops him.

And the crowd cheers!

Jey states that he has his own set of defenses ready which he showcases. At the end of the videos, Zayn states how Sami has taken several bullets for them.

Roman Reigns finally speaks and states that Sami Zayn is found “not guilty”. However, he asks Sami to finish it up tonight and says he does not want to hear from Sami till Royal Rumble, which is where Sami will have to give his final “test” to be a part of The Bloodline.

The moment when Jey stopped Solo from destroying Sami became historic.

2. The Entry Of The Undertaker

LA knight is seen inside the ring, he mocks Bray Watt and insults other legends. He then challenges any legend to appear, to face him.

The Undertaker’s theme music plays and the crowd goes crazy.

LA Knight then goes on to mock Undertaker and says he will let Undertaker live and enjoy retirement. The light goes off and Bray Watt appears behind LA Knight, who immediately retreats.

LA Knight enters the ring and Undertaker gets a hold of him and passes him to Bray, who hits Sister Abigail.

A moment and then The Undertaker whispers something to Bray’s ear before leaving.

The entry of The Undertaker made the audience scream their lungs out.

3.  Brock Lesnar returns 

The main event of the night was a No disqualification match between Austin Theory and Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship.

The fight starts and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

However, the main twist occurs when Brock Lesner suddenly appeared and entered the ring. He then hit F-5 on Lashley and then F-5 on Theory, tossing him on top of Lashley. Thus, Austin Theory wins through being used as a projectile.

The entry of Brock Lesner is not going to be forgotten soon.

Apart from these several other attention-catching moments happened. However, the Royal Rumble is around the corner and the WWE Universe cannot keep calm.

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