WWE News: WWE has some different plans for Sting

The WWE debut of Sting back in 2014 left a lot of fans salivating over potential ideas. The potential dream matches, the fact that the last remaing holdout of the days of WCW finally found his way to the WWE.

Unfortunately, reality often can disappoint and Sting’s tenure in the WWE was marred by a WrestleMania match that he lost to Triple H and a career ending injury caused by Seth Rollins.

The excitement for Sting returned just a little over a week ago when Sting made his AEW debut, a move that has many fans excited and energized for the WWE Hall of Famer and professional wrestling legend. With the revelation that he’s signed a multi-year deal, there’s a lot of excitement for Sting, and with possibly good reason.

Dave Meltzer mused on Wrestling Observer Radio that Sting is likely to end his career in AEW. He had previously talked about how Sting wanted to retire from pro wrestling after working for Impact Wrestling for a year.

Meltzer added that Sting’s career with that company was essentially over when he lost to Nick Aldis at the time, but then WWE called and asked him to appear in a video game and it ultimately led to him making his way to the WWE.

Meltzer then added Sting was looking to retire following the match against Triple H.

“They announced it, and everybody just jumped, oh, we’re going to get Sting and Undertaker at WrestleMania. The reaction was so big for Sting that you know, Vince felt well, we got to use them, and so, we didn’t get Undertaker and Sting, but we got the Triple H thing. You know, Vince’s concept is like, ‘Well, let’s end the wrestling war,’ you know.”

“It was so ridiculous and whatever. So the idea was, you know, I remember that night in Santa Clara, and the whole idea was that, um, this is Sting’s one and only WWF/WWE match. So, of course, it’s his one and only match; he loses to Triple H because he’s not coming back, and then, couple months later, hey, we got this idea, let’s put him with Seth Rollins and so, that was his other thing. That was a complete disaster, unfortunately, in many ways and ended his career.”

While we don’t know what AEW has officially planned, we do know there is talk of him appearing in an in-ring capacity as well. Things should get interesting as Sting continues to play a regular role on AEW television.