WWE News: The Undertaker’s limited Cameo edition sell out for $1000, check out more details

The Undertaker joined Cameo, but only for a limited time. He put 30 Cameo videos up for sale, one for each year he has been with WWE. It didn’t take long at all for those videos to go.

When The Undertaker’s Cameos first went up for sale at $1,000 each, some fans thought it was an insane price, and it was. The Undertaker will record a short video message for fans, and this was too good to pass up for some fans with big money to spend.

The Deadman’s 30 Cameo videos sold out in just over 24 hours, plenty of time for Survivor Series, the date those videos will be recorded.

We’ve been keeping track of these Cameo sales. They sold five fairly quickly, and they had 14 left by Friday morning. They continued to sell throughout the day, and once it hit 10 Cameos left, they started going in rapid fashion. By early Saturday morning, they were all gone.

We’ll have to see if any of those Cameo videos pop up online. It stands to reason that if someone spent $1,000 on a Cameo video they might want to show it off.