WWE News: Roman Reigns successfully retains his Universal Championship against Kevin Owens at TLC 2020

WWE: Roman Reigns retains his Championship – In arguably the most heated match at WWE TLC, Roman Reigns defended the WWE Universal Championship against Kevin Owens. The challenger blindsided Reigns with an attack during his entrance. Owens controlled the match early on. He hit a cannonball and a Frog Splash on Reigns outside the ring. Jey Uso ran to the ring, but Owens attacked him and hit him with a chair. He blasted Uso’s foot with a steel chair.

Reigns capitalized on the distraction, as he rocked Owens with a Drive-by. The champion hit Owens with the steel steps a few times. He then hit Owens with a ladder several times, too. Reigns destroyed Owens with a chair.

Owens rallied by hitting Reigns with a chair. He tried to retrieve the title, but Uso returned to the ring and stopped him. Owens fought him off, but Reigns dropped Owens with a Superman Punch. Owens persevered and dropped Reigns with a Stunner. He then powerbombed Uso through the broadcast table. Owens climbed up the ladder, but Reigns stopped him.

Reigns floored Owens with a powerbomb onto a ladder. “The Head of the Table” then slammed Owens through a table. To follow that up, He hit a Samoan Drop through a table. Reigns laughed when Owens refused to stay down. He told Owens that he’s embarrassing his family. Owens slapped Reigns, but “The Tribal Chief” speared him through a table.

Owens still wouldn’t stay down, and he told Reigns that he’d have to kill him. Reigns went for a Spear through the barricade, but Owens dodged it to send him crashing through a barricade. Owens rocked Reigns with two superkicks. He then slammed Reigns through a table with a pop-up powerbomb.

Owens went for the title, but Uso stopped him yet again. Owens dropped him with a Stunner, and he tried to retrieve the title again. But Reigns hit him below the belt and choked him out atop the ladder. Owens crashed to the mat, and Reigns unhooked the title to win the match.