WWE News: Kane speaks out what makes him to wear ‘Ring Gear’ during Undertaker’s retirement at Survivor Series 2020

WWE Kane finally reveals why he wore ‘Ring Gear’ at Survivor Series 2020 during Undertaker’s Final Farewell: WWE Survivor Series saw many legends assemble in memory of the career of the Undertaker, but the only one wearing his ring attire was Kane.

This led to fans asking a few questions – was there more planned involving Kane and Taker that we didn’t get to see? Was he simply not clued in on the dress code? Well, now we have our answer.

Speaking on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, Kane said:

“I was supposed to be (in gear). Kane is Kane. Kane and Undertaker pulled back the veil so much that sometimes we forget that, but that’s what separates them from a lot of the other performers is that they are true characters. I know people speculated with that, but it was the plan all along. It’s one of those things where people speculate and out-think themselves.

“It was excellent, it really was. It was the way it should have been done. WWE always does stuff like that first-class. Just looking back on his entire career and the video and the Paul Bearer [hologram], it was well done. Even backstage with a bunch of tough wrestling guys, there weren’t many dry eyes.”