WWE News: Drew McIntyre defeats both AJ Styles and The Miz to retain his WWE Championship at TLC 2020

WWE: Drew McIntyre retains his WWE Championship – To kick off WWE TLC, Drew McIntyre defended the WWE Championship against AJ Styles in a TLC Match. Styles has gained the upper hand over the champion in recent weeks, and there were plenty of external variables at play. The Miz, John Morrison and Omos have all helped Styles one way or another.

Styles took the fight to McIntyre, but the champion overpowered him. McIntyre controlled the match early on. He rocked Styles with a chop to the chest and threw him into some chairs. McIntyre tried to retrieve the title, but Styles attacked his knee with a chair. McIntyre catapulted Styles head-first into a chair. Styles continued to target the champion’s leg. McIntyre hit an impactful Future Shock DDT to earn some breathing room.

Styles used a ladder to help him wrench McIntyre’s leg in a Calf Crusher. He then hit McIntyre’s leg with a chair and used a chair-assisted Calf Crusher to damage it even more. McIntyre tried to rally, but Styles sent him face-first into a ladder. But the champion threw him into a ladder to earn some breathing room. Styles hit a Phenomenal Forearm out of nowhere, but McIntyre threw him threw a table at ringside. The Miz ran to the ring and slammed McIntyre through a table. The referee announced that the Miz is cashing in, so the match became a triple threat bout. The Miz then tried to retrieve the title, but Omos stopped him.

Omos slammed him through a table , and Morrison broke a chair onto the big man’s back. The giant stared Morrison down and forced him to leave the area. Styles and McIntyre tried to climb the ladder, but The Miz joined the fray. He battled McIntyre on top of the ladder, and all three men waged war for the title. Eventually, McIntyre dumped Styles off a ladder and dropped The Miz with a Claymore. McIntyre then retrieved the title to win the match.