WWE News: Dominik Mysterio to get a new ring name and put up a mask

Dominik Mysterio recently said that there are still plans for him to put on a mask and change up his name. Rey Mysterio registered a trademark for “Prince Mysterio,” but now WWE has their own copyright.

WWE registered multiple copyrights for Superstar names on October 13th according to Heel By Nature. One of those trademarks was for “Dominick,” which is not how Dominik spells his name, but it’s still very interesting.

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We’ll have to see what WWE ends up doing with the “Dominick” trademark. If they drop the “Mysterio” from Dominik’s name then they’ll also have to change up the spelling for his first name.

Other names registered on October 13th came from the NXT brand, specially NXT UK. Those names included Joseph Connors, Kenny Williams, Levi Muir, and NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint.

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