WWE News: Dabba-Kato has lost his wrestling touch since RAW Underground got turmoiled

Two standouts of the short-lived Raw Underground segments found themselves available in this year’s WWE Draft. Both Arturo Ruas and Dabba-Kato found themselves available to either show, and while Ruas went undrafted and returned to NXT, Dabba-Kato was drafted to Raw, where he has yet to make an appearance.

While Ruas was sent back to NXT and injured, his return had plans for the star and those have been shelved for now. However, PWInsider has reported that Ruas and Dabba-Kato are still showing up for Raw but not being used. The former professional football player had quite the intimidating presence at close to 7 feet, and also showed off how imposing he was compared to other talents.

Their report states that WWE feels the duo both need “additional seasoning” before they can be put on television as full-time Raw talent, hence the reason they haven’t made television. A lot of this seasoning would come in the form of dark matches or even NXT and live events. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has prevented a lot of these things from happening, leaving it up to WWE to find other ways to get the talent that “seasoning” they feel the duo needs. So for now, Dabba-Kato is still a talent on Raw.

Another way WWE used to get talents that extra seasoning and training was during their partnership with EVOLVE where several NXT talents would work the shows in addition to the EVOLVE talent. Dabba-Kato worked those shows under his real first name Babatunde.