WWE News: 3 big things that Goldberg failed to achieve in WWE

Goldberg has achieved so much in his pro wrestling career that he will always be named among the greatest in-ring performers in the history of pro wrestling. In WWE too, he has made several big records to his name and in Pro Wrestling he also holds the record of being undefeated for 173 matches.

Goldberg has beaten many legendary superstars including Undertaker, Triple H, The Rock in his career. His career spanned from WCW to WWE and is still associated with the world’s largest company as a part-time superstar.

That is, he can achieve even greater achievements in his career. But there are other things that Goldberg has never been able to achieve in his great career. Let us know which are the things that the WWE Hall of Famer never achieved.

Goldberg never headlined WrestleMania

Goldberg also had considerable success in WCW before coming to WWE in 2003, but after the collapse of WCW in 2001, he stepped into WWE after working at AJPW for nearly 2 years.

But after a year he decided to leave the company but after returning in 2016, he is playing the role of a part-time superstar in WWE. During this time he has been part of only 3 WrestleMania matches. Out of which he has lost in 2 and wins in only one.

Unfortunately, even after achieving so much success, he never got a chance to headline the biggest pro wrestling show of the year. His only win at WrestleMania came against Brock Lassner at WrestleMania 20.

Could not become WWE Grand Slam champion

Currently, a WWE Superstar must win one of the WWE World and Universal titles, one of the Tag Team Championships, the United States and the Intercontinental Championship, to become the Grand Slam Champion.

Goldberg has won only World titles and Universal titles in his WWE career. Not winning any mid-card and tag team championships has earned him the distinction of becoming a Grand Slam champion.

Never win singles matches against  Shawn Michaels

In the last few months of 2003, Goldberg was the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. During that time he met Shawn Michaels in the month of October. At that time, Batista also became part of that storyline.

Although the match ended as a draw due to Batista’s attack, Michaels never lost to Goldberg in WWE singles matches, as seen in the record book. For a superstar, this is a huge achievement, as Goldberg has defeated most of his rivals.