WWE Latest Rumors: Daniel Bryan future updates, AJ Styles’ Wrestlemania opponent, RAW legend special night and many more – 24th December 2020

WWE Top Rumors: Here are some of the latest WWE rumors that are floating around for this week ahead of Christmas. All we will discuss about the top rumors related to RAW, SMACKDOWN and NXT.

5) Who AJ Styles Wants To Face At Wrestlemania

AJ Styles was recently interviewed by Alex McCarthy of TalkSPORT. During, the interview, Styles revealed that has pitched him facing either Edge or Triple H at Wrestlemania.

Here is what he said:

“If it can’t be Drew McIntyre, give me Edge. If it can’t be Edge, give me Triple H. But, of course, a number of other guys are willing to step up if it can’t be those matches.”

“I want Edge because at the Royal Rumble, he separated my shoulder with that spear. So, it’s time that he get some payback.

“With Triple H, I feel like I’m putting him in a situation similar to The Undertaker [before every WrestleMania]. Will he accept? I don’t know,”

AJ Styles vs Triple H or AJ Styles vs Edge would be great matches for Wrestlemania. We hope that we get atleast one of these before Styles retires.

4) WWE Superstar Switching Brands?

As noted prior, WWE taped the Christmas Day episode of Smackdown in advance. According to F4Wonline, Angel Garza was one of the lumberjacks for the match between Sami Zayn and Big E.

It is strange that Garza would be one of the lumberjacks as he is currently a member of the RAW brand. Could this be a hint that he is switching brands?

Garza would be good on Smackdown. It seems like WWE is behind him, so he could be a solid midcard heel for the brand. We will have to wait and see.

3) Backstage Feeling About ‘RAW Legends Night’

According to Ringside News, WWE has high hopes that the ‘RAW Legends Night’ will boost ratings. While saying that, there is not much optimism in the company about being able to sustain the ratings bump that the show will receive.

Here is what the site wrote:

A tenured member of the creative team told us that bringing legends in is an “annual ratings boost.” Vince McMahon is counting on that theme to increase ratings. There wasn’t as much optimism when it comes to sustaining that higher viewership number.

It was also reiterated to us that “the creative process in this company has fallen completely apart.” There does not seem to be any real plan to improve ratings, but there is always a hope that it will happen.

We agree that the ratings bump will not be sustainable. They need to write better storylines for their talent and they need to make fans care. Smackdown is doing a good job at retaining fans and the storylines have been good. RAW needs to follow suit.

2) Trish Stratus Has Discussed A Possible Role In NXT

Trish Stratus was recently interviewed on the Women’s Wrestling Talk podcast. During this, Trish revealed that she has had discussions about a possible role in NXT.

Here is what she said (via ITR Wrestling)

“We [Trish Stratus and Fit Finlay] would be, like, co-agenting probably. We would be awesome but, I would like to contribute in some way and I’ve talked to Matt Bloom, my former partner, about possibly going to NXT. We’ve talked about it on a number of occasions. It’s just like… It’s never the right time has come about to do that.”

We think that Trish would be a great mentor for some of the women’s talent in WWE. Hopefully they can get her on board.

1) Daniel Bryan’s Future In WWE

Daniel Bryan was recently interviewed by BT Sport. During this, Bryan spoke about his future in WWE and revealed that his current contract is coming to an end soon.

Bryan teased that he is going to transition away from being a full-time wrestler soon. Here is what he said (h/t to WrestlingNews.co for the quotes below):

“So, I’m confident in my body and longevity, but it’s also like now, my life I’ve got different priorities as far as like I still love wrestling and I feel like I’ll always wrestle as long as I can physically do it. But do I want to continue to wrestle full time when you’ve got two babies at home?”

“So now I am switching priorities in my life where for years wrestling has been the key focus. Like my contract is coming up soon, and we’re looking at me transitioning to maybe less than a full-time wrestler. My time being a full-time wrestler are numbered. I’m going to be more like a full-time dad, part-time wrestler. Wrestling is my side job, daddy is my most important job.”

We hope that we still get a few matches a year from Bryan after he goes away from being full time. We respect his decision to focus on his family but it is sad news as a big fan of his.