WWE: Kane was the reason to introduce WWE Hell in a Cell Pay-per-view

Kane made his big WWE debut during the very first Hell in a Cell match at In Your House: Badd Blood in 1997. That bloody encounter between The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels was the debut of the Hell in a Cell match itself. That concept was all because of Kane.

During Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions with The Undertaker, he explained that the Hell in a Cell match was booked primarily because Glenn Jacobs was going to debut as Taker’s kayfabe brother.

“The main reason for Hell in a Cell was Kane. It was all about Kane. The whole thing was designed for Kane’s debut. You’re gonna keep all outside interference out, and boom, here comes Kane.”

“For Kane to come in and do what no one else could do, which is rip the door off and come face-to-face with his brother. I still think it’s one of the most iconic stare downs ever. It’s a story that lasted 23 years, and one of the greatest stories ever told,”

Kane’s entry into the WWE Universe was a big moment. He ripped off the door of the first Hell in a Cell structure, and then he demolished his brother The Undertaker. That set a big WrestleMania storyline in motion for The Undertaker back when WWE believed in long-term booking. None of that would have been possible if it weren’t for the Hell in a Cell structure.