WWE: Jeff Hardy and Bray Wyatt want to face each other in a bizarre Willow match

WWE Jeff Hardy calls out Willow match would be a magical match: Fans in TNA would remember Jeff Hardy’s alter-ego called The Willow, when Hardy was a heel in the company. It seems Hardy desires a very interesting feud with an equally as demonic force in WWE.

Jeff Hardy recently spoke to Stephanie Chase of Digital Spy. During the interview, Hardy discussed a possible feud with Bray Wyatt’s The Fiend.

The Willow vs The Fiend would make for a bizarre feud and fans are likely to be engaged in it. Hardy stated that a possible angle between the two will produce ‘magical’ television.

“I think there’s something magical that can happen between Jeff Hardy and Bray Wyatt and The Fiend and Willow; my alter Nero that will come back to the life.”

He then added that he has a special vision for his Willow character if it returns. He desires his character to seem like a God or something unexplainable.

“I have this huge vision of, like a black wedding dress and Willow’s almost like, not him or her, but just God. Some kind of weird figure that doesn’t make sense to anybody.”

We will have to see if the two will ever feud in WWE.