WWE Injury Updates: Top 5 Superstars who are off WWE TV due to injuries

WWE Injury Updates

WWE Injury Updates: Over the past month or so, many WWE superstars have got injured and have been off from WWE TV. We have compiled a list of these WWE superstars along with their injury updates. Have a look,

WWE Injury Updates: Damian Priest

After impressing one and all during his feud with Miz and Morrison, Damian Priest has got himself injured. Priest has a bad back and has been advised to take some time off. 

WWE Injury UpdatesHe has been one of those rare superstars who is undefeated on the Red brand. His last in-ring work came on May 17 WWE Raw, where he defeated John Morrison in a single’s competition. Since then, he has been out with a sore back, and there is no robust news about his return.

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WWE Injury Updates: Kevin Owens

Former Universal Champion is one of the mainstays on WWE’s blue brand. In the past two weeks, he has been the target of Commander Azeez’s Nigerian Nail that has choked his throat for good. 

WWE Injury UpdatesRecently he was in action in the Hell in a Cell PPV event against his long-time frenemy Sami Zayn. For the majority of the bout, Owens looked gasping for breath, which led to his defeat. After the PPV event, he took to Twitter to announce his break from wrestling but assured that he would be back soon.

WWE Injury Updates: Dominik Mysterio

WWE Injury UpdatesOne-half of WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions Dominik Mysterio will be off from WWE TV for a while as he is selling an injury. Dominik Mysterio was powerbombed from the top rope onto the floor by the Universal Champion Roman Reigns a week back before Smackdown go-home episode to Hell in a Cell PPV. Writing him off from WWE TV for a while is part of WWE’s storyline.

WWE Injury Updates: Sheamus

WWE Injury Updates

The United States Champion Sheamus has not been in action for the past three weeks on WWE Raw. He has just gone through surgery on his nose and despite being present on the roster and making WWE TV appearances, the Celtic Warrior won’t be in action for a foreseeable future.

WWE Injury Updates: Montez Ford

Street Profits’ member Montez Ford is another injury concern on the blue brand. He got injured after Otis attacked him viciously during his match against Chad Gable. Otis’s assault saw Ford suffer a partial rib fracture and torn intercostal cartilage damage. He went through medical obligations and currently in recovery mode. However, there is no news on his return to WWE TV.