WWE Hell in a Cell: Paul Heyman confirms Rey Mysterio vs. Roman Reigns for the PPV event

WWE Hell in a Cell

WWE Hell in a Cell: This past week on WWE Smackdown, Rey Mysterio challenged Roman Reigns for a match inside the Hell in a Cell at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. Before Reigns could have responded to Rey’s challenge, the master of 619 imploded with a series of kendo stick strikes on the champion. However, the match has now been confirmed by Roman’s special counsel Paul Heyman.

Paul Heyman confirms Reigns vs. Rey inside the Cell for the Universal Championship!

WWE Hell in a Cell: This match was always on the cards after Roman attacked Rey & Dominic two weeks in a row. On this week’s Talking Smack, Heyman confirmed the same by accepting the challenge on behalf of the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns. He also confirmed that the Universal title would be on the line on Father’s Day (June 20).

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“As special counsel to the Tribal Chief, the Universal Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns. I, Paul Heyman, hereby inform the public that I’m authorized to accept Rey Mysterio’s challenge against Roman Reigns inside Hell in a Cell. And that’s bad news for Rey Mysterio.

Heyman further added,

“Because you are not stepping into Hell in a Cell with just a defending champion. You’re stepping into Hell in a Cell against the monarch of the mat. The gracious God of the grappling game. The taste-maker of the island of relevancy. The savage Samoan sadist. The devil himself — inside Hell in a Cell. You’re stepping into the demonic structure with Roman Reigns.”


Roman Reigns wants Rey to acknowledge him properly next week

WWE Hell in a Cell: It’s been 6 years now since WWE has been busy pushing Roman Reigns to the top. The company wants to make him ‘The Guy,’ and in the middle of a dominating run, a match against Rey Mysterio looks wayward. Rey is a former 3-time World Champion. But as per Roman’s new gimmick, the luchador is nowhere near his brute force strength. The company is making Roman’s demeanor strong by throwing less worthy and less strong opponents before him. And it seems like Rey Mysterio is another one of them. Next week on WWE Smackdown, Roman Reigns wants Rey to acknowledge him properly unlike last week when things got bad.