WWE Hell in a Cell: Check out why Roman Reigns won’t compete in the Hell in a Cell PPV event

WWE Hell in a Cell

WWE Hell in a Cell: It seems like the fate of the Universal Championship is still looming under dark clouds. When Brock Lesnar held the title, it wasn’t defended in every pay-per-view, and it seems like the story will remain the same with Roman Reigns as well.

In the latest update, it has been confirmed that neither Roman Reigns nor Rey Mysterio will wrestle this Sunday at the Hell in a Cell PPV.- This means the Universal Championship won’t make it to the PPV event.

WWE Hell in a Cell: Dave Meltzer has confirmed the news!

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer has confirmed the news of Roman Reigns not defending the Universal Title at the PPV event. On WWE Smackdown main-event tonight, Reigns and Rey battled inside the Hell in a Cell with the Universal Championship on the line. 

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It was the first Hell in Cell match in WWE Smackdown’s history, and the two future of Hall of Famers had one of the best matches of Smackdown’s history in recent times. Reigns ended up winning the grueling contest but not until Rey took him to the limit. 

WWE Hell in a Cell: Even the Smackdown Titles won’t be on the line this Sunday!

Many speculated that the Smackdown Tag Team Titles would be on the line this Sunday at the Hell in a Cell PPV. However, with Rey Mysterio not competing on Sunday, the Tag Team titles won’t be defended.

Meltzer also mentioned that the match and finish planned for tonight’s Smackdown main event was the same as planned originally for the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.

WWE Hell in a Cell: When & Where to watch Hell in a Cell PPV?

The Hell in a Cell will be streaming live on the Peacock Network in the United States on Sunday, 20 Jun (21 June in India). Indian viewers can watch the PPV event live on Sony Sports Network channels Ten 1/HD (in English), Ten 3/HD (in Hindi), and Ten 4/HD (in Tamil & Telugu). Web users in India can catch the live streaming on the SonyLIV app and website.