WWE Extreme Rules: Three Superstars who could turn heel at the Extreme Rules PPV

WWE Extreme Rules: Three Superstars who could turn heel at the Extreme Rules PPV
WWE Extreme Rules: Three Superstars who could turn heel at the Extreme Rules PPV

WWE Extreme Rules: WWE Extreme Rules is less than a week away now, and we have come up with yet another exciting prediction article for the Extreme Rules PPV event. Here, we will talk about three superstars who could turn heel in the PPV event scheduled for September 26. So, without any further ado, let us dive in.

WWE Extreme Rules: Jeff Hardy turns heel after the US Championship match

Veteran Jeff Hardy has instilled himself into the United States Championship match, which was supposedly scheduled to take place between Sheamus and the Champion Damian Priest. Hardy is the underdog heading into this bout, and we could see the Charismatic Enigma turning heel.

Jeff Hardy recently talked about his willingness to bring back Willow The Wisp gimmick as he wants to portray it on television before he hangs his boots for the final time. For those who don’t know, Hardy created Willow, his alter-ego, during his time with TNA Wrestling (Impact Wrestling). Therefore, with Willow, Hardy could bring out his alter-ego and turn heel at the end of the US Championship bout at Extreme Rules. 

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WWE Extreme Rules: Naomi turns heel by attacking Bianca Belair & Becky Lynch to join the Bloodline

Naomi is frustrated. She is frustrated to not get a single match since her return to Friday Night Smackdown. Naomi has confronted Sonya Deville multiple times, asking her for a match, but the authority figure has completely dismissed her plea time & time again.

Naomi must be reaching her saturation point and could take out her frustration in the Smackdown Women’s Championship match between Bianca Belair & Becky Lynch. She may attack both Becky & Bianca in ambush to get in the title picture and eventually turn heel. Doing this could also lead her to join forces with The Bloodline to accompany her husband, Jimmy Uso & brother-in-law’s Roman Reigns & Jey Uso.

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WWE Extreme Rules: Asuka returns and attacks Raw Women’s Champion

Asuka is due for a return on WWE TV.- This may be a wild prediction, but if the Empress of Tomorrow returns at Extreme Rules PPV, expect her to attack the winner of Alexa Bliss vs. Charlotte Flair’s Rw Women’s Championship match

Asuka has been waiting on the sidelines to get something fruitful for her next run on the Red brand, as WWE creative didn’t have anything to offer her. She has been missing out for more than the last two months from WWE TV. Asuka’s previous WWE run was as a babyface, but on her return, one could expect her to turn heel and get into something meaningful. However, she could only turn heel if she attacks Alexa Bliss, who is heading into the Raw Women’s Championship match as a babyface.