WWE: Drew McIntyre might use his old theme song once again

During an appearance on the Battleground podcast, Drew McIntyre talked about possibly using the Broken Dreams theme song from his first WWE run again:

“Personally, I have visions of it coming back for a special occasion and then hopefully releasing it for download because it is talked about all the time. It was such a popular song. I personally think it’s great. If you look up the ‘Broken Dreams’ lyrics and check the story, it kind of matches my career story, which is interesting. It’s just a little slow for me, right now. I love the bagpipes and war music. It doesn’t quite match the current Drew McIntyre, but I do want to bring it back for special occasions.”

However, Drew McIntyre is all set to clash against Roman Reigns this Sunday at Survivor Series 2020 in a Champion vs Champion battle. Drew McIntyre won his 2nd WWE RAW Championship last week on RAW by defeating Randy Orton in a main-event of RAW.

It is going to be interesting match when McIntyre and Reigns will clash once again after Wrestlemania 35 rematch where Reigns picked the victory over McIntyre but this time things are going to be different. Since McIntyre has earned lot of respect and reputation in last 2 years in WWE.