WWE Big Update: WWE getting ready for new look, reportedly constructing new sets for Smackdown and Raw

WWE Big Update – New Look SmackDown RAW: It seems like WWE is keen to bring in WWE Universe back into their arenas, and for this, they are preparing well. Several reports suggest that WWE is willing to have new and separate sets for Raw and Smackdown when the audience return.

WWE Big Update – New Look SmackDown RAW: When Smackdown moved to the FOX network in October 2019, WWE operated with two different sets for RAW and Smackdown. However, once the pandemic started, WWE Universe was barred from the arenas, and no live audience was allowed for almost a year and a half. With things getting back to normal in the United States, we could expect the WWE universe to make its way back right after the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, scheduled to take place next month.

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Andrew Zarian of the Mat men Podcast, who has been scooping WWE stories, broke this news on his official Twitter handle.

WWE Big Update – New Look SmackDown RAW: Thunderdome carried WWE during the Pandemic

Soon after the lockdown got imposed in the entire United States, WWE didn’t look back and continued to entertain its audience back home. First, it was the WWE Performance center where all the shows took place, including Wrestlemania 36. But, soon they realized the need for something different and introduced the concept of the digital or virtual audience with the help of WWE Thunderdome.

The concept of Thunderdome proved to be a masterstroke introduced in August 2020, but after the response of 50% live audience on each night of Wrestlemania 37 has urged the need for the return of live audience.

WWE Big Update – New Look SmackDown RAW: Notably, following Wrestlemania 37, WWE has trimmed down the stage inside the Thunderdome due to the new venue where the current Raw and Smackdown getting filmed. Nevertheless, we don’t know if this news is just a rumor or there’s a reality associated with it, but the fact is that the WWE universe will be on its way back to the arenas to witness the shows live.