WWE: Bayley gets a new challenger for her, check out who is she

Bayley held the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship for what seemed like forever. She and Sasha Banks finally clashed and she lost the title to Banks. So, everyone wanted to know where would Bayley go from here.

Tonight on WWE SmackDown, it appears we may have our answers, and it could be a really fun one. Bayley joined commentary during the Bianca Belair and Natalya match.

Bayley spent much of the time arguing with Michael Cole. However, when she was focused on the match, she talked a lot of trash about Bianca Belair.

The two got into a verbal confrontation during the match. When Belair was back in the ring, Natalya used the distraction to attempt a Sharp Shooter.

Belair countered and Natalya collided with Bayley who was about to interfere. Belair won, but the real winners might be the fans.

A Belair/Bayley feud could help launch Belair into a star and add a much-needed contender to the Women’s division.