WWE backstage reveals that Edge was seen at Survivor Series 2020 during Undertaker’s Final Farewell

Several WWE stars of the past appeared in the ring at Survivor Series last night for The Undertaker’s “final farewell” segment, and it has emerged that another WWE Hall of Famer was backstage at the show, but didn’t appear on the broadcast.

According to PWInsider, former WWE Champion and current Raw star Edge was backstage at the Amway Center for WWE Survivor Series last night. At this time, it is unclear why Edge was at the venue:

WWE Hall of Famer Edge was backstage but did not appear on scree
Some have speculated that WWE may have not put Edge on camera for The Undertaker retirement segment because he is currently injured following his match with Randy Orton at Backlash back in June.

With regards to other people backstage at Survivor Series last night who didn’t appear on-screen, PWInsider is also reporting that ‘Taker’s wife Michelle McCool was at the Amway Center along with other family members for the show:

Michelle McCool and other members of The Undertaker’s family were in attendance at the event.

If any reports emerge which potentially explain that WWE brought Edge to the Amway Center for Survivor Series last night, even though he didn’t appear on-screen, then insidesport.co will keep you posted.

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