WWE: 7 Last-Minute final Predictions for tonight’s Monday Night RAW– 28th December 2020

WWE RAW Predictions: Here are some of our WWE RAW predictions for this week’s episode. We take a stab at the matches and moments that will happen during the show this week. The final episode of the year for WWE RAW will hold many unsettling segments before the kick off New Year.

WWE RAW Predictions

7) Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax Will Attack Charlotte Flair & Asuka

On the latest episode of RAW, Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax defeated Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke. This came after Shayna choked out Dana.

On this next episode, we are expecting to see Shayna and Nia attack Charlotte Flair and Asuka. This will be a sneak attack, likely in the backstage area.

This will continue their feud and will set up another match between these two teams for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.

6) Angel Garza Will Pick Up Another Victory

On the latest episode of RAW, Angel Garza defeated Drew Gulak. It seems like WWE is planning to build up Garza over the next several weeks.

We are going to predict that Garza will pick up another victory on this next episode.

We have always liked Garza and there are rumors that he could be receiving a push soon. Another victory is another way to keep his momentum going.

5) AJ Styles & Omos Will Defeat The Miz & John Morrison

On the latest episode of RAW, Omos put John Morrison through a table. This came at the end of the 6-man tag team match during the main event.

We could now see us getting a tag team match on this next episode. That would be AJ Styles and Omos vs The Miz and John Morrison.

If this match happens, Styles and Omos will definitely win.

4) The Hurt Business Will Attack R-Truth

On the latest episode of RAW, there was a Championship celebration with The Hurt Business. This segment ended up getting crashed by R-Truth, who was chased by the RAW locker room.

We think that we are now going to see R-Truth get attacked by The Hurt Business on this next episode.

This would make sense after what Truth did to them on RAW.

3) Matt Riddle Will Defeat Shelton Benjamin

It definitely seems like we are building towards a match between Matt Riddle and Bobby Lashley for the U.S Title. We don’t see that match happening for a few more weeks, so WWE will need to keep this storyline moving.

We are going to predict that Riddle will face off against Shelton Benjamin on this next episode. This will lead to Riddle picking up the victory.

This seems like an easy way to keep the storyline going between Riddle and Lashley.

2) The New Day Will Help Out Ricochet In His Feud Against Retribution

T-Bar defeated Ricochet on the latest episode of RAW. Over the past several weeks, Retribution has been trying to recruit Ricochet to their faction.

We think that Ricochet is going to receive some help during this next episode. We could see a group like The New Day coming to Ricochet’s aid.

Ricochet has been on his own for too long now and we think that it would make sense for someone to help him out.

1) Drew McIntyre vs Keith Lee vs Sheamus Will Be Teased For The Royal Rumble

On the latest episode of RAW, Drew McIntyre, Keith Lee, and Sheamus defeated The Miz, John Morrison, and AJ Styles. After the match, Sheamus delivered a brogue kick to Keith Lee, and Drew McIntyre yelled at Sheamus to close the episode.

We could definitely see us getting Sheamus vs Keith Lee on this next episode. This would make sense after what happened to close the show. If that match happens, we expect it to end via disqualification, which will protect both guys.

We have a feeling that we are ultimately heading towards a triple threat match at the Royal Rumble. That would be Drew McIntyre vs Keith Lee vs Sheamus for the WWE Championship. This seems to be what the latest episode of RAW is hinting at.

To keep that storyline going, we could see a massive brawl happening between these three on the next episode.