World Wrestling Championship: UWW Releases Media and Fan Guide for 2019

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In an effort to better serve the press and the sport’s growing fan base, United World Wrestling has released its Media and Fan Guide for the 2019 Wrestling World Championships held September 14-22 at the Barys Arena in Nur-Sultan.

The guide has several helpful features for fans or media looking to learn more about the championships including the tournament schedule, links to prior results, downloadable event photos, graphics, entry listsseeding, and a glimpse at all the anticipated matchups across the 30 championship weight categories.

Users can choose to download a PDF version of the guide, or access the most recent version of the guide via Google Docs, HERE.

New to this year’s guide is a direct link to a searchable photo database with images from United World Wrestling’s top photographers. Outlets and individuals are kindly asked to attribute any published photos to United World Wrestling, the photographer, and any associated social media accounts.

Wrestling at the 2019 Senior Wrestling World Championships is set to begin September 14 and will continue for nine days, concluding September 22. For a full, day-by-day schedule, please see below.

Tournament Schedule

Date                                         Preliminary Rds            Gold, Bronze Finals
Saturday, September 14:          GR: 55-63-72-82kg                     //
Sunday, September 15:            GR: GR: 67-87-97kg       GR: 55-63-72-82kg
Monday, September 16:           GR: 60-77-130kg             GR: 67-87-97kg
Tuesday, September 17:          WW: 50-53-55-72kg        GR: 60-77-130kg
Wednesday, September 18:     WW: 57-59-65-76kg        WW: 50-53-55-72kg
Thursday, September 19:         WW: 62-68/FS: 57-65     WW: 57-59-65-76kg
Friday, September 20:              FS: 70-74-92-125kg        FS: 57-65kg /WW: 62-68kg
Saturday, September 21:          FS: 61-79-86-97kg          FS: 70-74-92-125kg
Sunday, September 22:                         //                         FS: 61-79-86-97kg