World Football: Top 10 clubs with highest social media following

Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are the only two LaLiga clubs to find a place in the Top 10 list with the…

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Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are the only two LaLiga clubs to find a place in the Top 10 list with the highest social media following across the top professional leagues the world over. However, the two Spanish clubs stay atop the elite list, which has five representations from the Premier League.

Global Digital Football Benchmark’s January 2019 edition has ranked the football clubs across the world on the parameter of their following and fans on digital platforms.

The Global Digital Football Benchmark has taken 150 football clubs into consideration. But for Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Manchester United no other top ten club has breached the 100 million fan mark across their all social media platforms. brings to its readers the Top 10 list from the 150 clubs details published by the Global Digital Football Benchmark.

#10 Paris Saint – Germain

The top Division French Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-German is place 10th among the top 10. The Paris based football club, with 35 followers on Facebook, has an aggregate fan base of 66 million. The list included 18 million fans on Instagram and 8 million on twitter.

#9 Liverpool FC

Premier League club Liverpool FC with 67 million fans is placed at the 9th  position.



#8 Juventus

Marginally ahead of  Liverpool, the Italian Serie A Club, Juventus has made major gains from their icon Cristianon Ronaldo’s immense following. The club with 69 million follower is placed eight. However, Juventus has the distinction of having 20 million fans – the highest among the teams rated from three to 10.

#7 Manchester City

Manchester based football club, Manchester City FC has landed at number 7 in the list. The Sky Blues in the latest list have reached the 72 million-fan mark across various social media platforms. The majority 50% come from the Facebook.

6# Arsenal

The Premier League club Arsenal is at the 6th position with 76 million fans aggregately in all over digital platforms.



#5 FC Bayern Munchen

The only German Bundesliga professional club in the list, FC Bayern Munchen have been placed 5th with 49 million fans on Facebook, 14 million on Instagram and six million on twitter.


#4 Chelsea FC

The London-based Premier League Club Chelsea FC is comes in the fourth place in spite of a lesser Facebook fan base than Bayern Munich. Chelsea edges past the Bundesliga club on the strength of its 15 million followers on twitter and another 15 million followers on other social media channels.

#3 Manchester United

Expectedly, Manchester United is the most followed Premier  League club on social media and one of the only three to have breached the 100 million fan base mark. Manchester United in the overall list is placed third with 137 million fans – 73 million come from Facebook, 25 million on Instagram and 20 million on Twitter.

#2 FC Barcelona

The second-placed Barcelona is the lone professional football club to have five million followers on YouTube. With 102 million fan base on Facebook and 63 million on Twitter, Barcelona aggregate to 240 million across their social media presence, which places them only behind the LaLiga rivals Real Madrid.

#1 Real Madrid CF

Real Madrid FC are the most widely supported club in the world. The major force in both Spanish and European football have the largest social media fan base – 242 million. The club has made major gains when the Portuguese star Ronaldo empowered the club with his presence – both on and off the field.

The ranking is published twice a year – in January and in June – on the basis of the clubs’ presence on 28 social platforms taken into account. The analysts also take care of the most frequent updates.

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