World Cup 2019: Roanuz’s announces exclusive Chatbot API

Virtual voice-text assistant for the World Cup announced

Chennai-based sports intelligence and technology company Roanuz Softwares Private Limited has introduced an intelligent chatbot API to answer all your complex cricketing queries this World Cup!

With the ICC World Cup fever peaking up, millions of cricket fans are on the constant lookout for cricket facts, figures, data and milestones instantly. Breaking the barriers of internet searcher, Roanauz Software’s Chatbot API will provide any information relevant to live or historical data about cricket and the World Cup.

Precise answers to your complex cricketing queries is what the new World Cup Chatbot API from Roanuz Softwares Private Limited promises through its business partners. This new Chatbot follows the success of the cricket bot launched a little over a year ago, wherein they had received 2,40,91,768 API usage request calls during the IPL. The team at Roanuz has processed over 1.2 million balls until now. This means that the API has been fed with approximately 5-million records as input and was taking around 1,500 milliseconds to respond. With the new intelligent world cup bot this time is expected to dwindle to a mere 300 milliseconds.

Anto Binish Kaspar, Founder & CEO, Roanuz Softwares Pvt Ltd, said, “This is an innovative second screen solution for cricket fans all around the world. Being one of the best cricket data provider, it’s our responsibility to continuously innovate and enrich cricket fans experiences.”

This REST-based API can be easily integrated into any platform. But what makes this chatbot unique is that in addition to live updates, team and player stats, the bot also provides stadium based stats like player vs particular stadium, teams vs particular stadium, player vs player at the particular stadium, and format based stats like team timeline, player timeline. Here’s an example of how this extremely intelligent context-aware bot uses Artificial Intelligence and analytical capabilities to achieve its goal.

User: What is the batting average of Virat against Australia in ODI?

Bot: 70.8

User: And in T20?

Bot: 98.3

When the user continues with a T20 question, the bot understands that the question is related to Virat’s batting average, analysis it and replies specifically to it.

It is a very challenging and time-consuming task for any company to implement AI functions into their app. The Roanuz chatbot API has promising data quality and lays the foundation for future apps. A data editing team works 24*7 to collect and feed world cup data.

Bot API is a remarkable B2B application for online consumer businesses in the sports realm. It works exceptionally well for those interested in heightening their clients’ user experience. It is technically a very challenging task for any company to incorporate AI functions into their existing apps, and it becomes time-consuming to build better and improved AI-based solutions. Integrating this into your existing system is cake-walk and the cherry on the topping is that there is no long term contract.