World Cup 2018: Where from FIFA gets its $3,066 mn media rights revenue

FIFA World Cup 2018 Media Rights Revenue - InsideSport

FIFA World Cup 2018 year has made the world governing body for football richer by $3,066 million in global media rights sales. Europe, the financial powerhouse for global football for its rich professional clubs, is the biggest contributor to the FIFA’s media rights revenues in the World Cup 2018 year. Broadcasters in Asia are the second largest contributors to the FIFA media rights revenue pool for 2018.

European broadcasters have pledged a total of $1,080 million of the $3,066 million total media rights value for the FIFA World Cup 2018 period. Asia Pacific region media rights for television, radio, internet and mobile protocol are valued at $681 million.

Broadcasters and other media rights players from North America, with a rich tradition and heritage for the sports, and the Caribbean nations have contributed $587 million and $ 450 million respectively. The rights for MENA (the Middle East and North Africa) were valued at $ 187 million, while the Sub Saharan region had the least broadcast value ($80 million) for the FIFA World Cup media rights content.

The break up is likely to reshape radically by the time FIFA World Cup finals are staged in North America

FIFA broadcast rights are licensed and sublicensed across 219 territories in six regions for television, radio, internet and mobile protocols.

FIFA is expected to earn $6.1 billion during the 2015 to 2018 budget cycle. Out of this $ 4 billion is generated in the World Cup year 2018, while the big push from Chinese brands has enabled the World Governing body for the sport to exceed its budgetary provisions by 10%.