Why it is high-time that PUBG players and teams should find new avenues ?

Facebook PUBG pages over the weeks have changed into general gaming pages. As more players are starting to realize that the unban of PBUG is grim and not around the corner as many claim it to be. If you are a casual player then there you can continue to play PUBG on your mobile, other than JIO network, the game seems to still be running.

On the flipside if you are an esports athlete who was playing PUBG with high aspirations to go professional, then it’s the best time to move on from the game and adapt. The sooner you make the change the more chances you have to make it in some other game. For this reason lets look at the how to approach a game which you want to go pro at.


The most important thing is that you pick a game that clicks with you, the chances are you already know what game you want to play. Trying games that a new like Valorant can give you and edge as there are not players with thousands of hours of experience, there are loads of more choices.

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You are going to be playing the game for the long haul so its important that you enjoy the game you pick. There are games that are fun the few times u play it bet get boring very soon, keeping that in mind you have to pick a game that sparks your interest and challenges you in a fun way.


Just like in sports, even in esports, you cannot expect to get better over night. So pick a game that is going to be up there for the time it takes for you to get better. We have seen games like Overwatch, Fortnite come and go. So be sure to invest your time in a game that’s gonna stand the test of time, so how do you know if it will stay or not? You can start by looking at the esports scene and the community. If the game has a healthy ecosystem then you can dive into it.


Raw talent and skills can only get you so far. To get to the top in esports is not fun and games, in reality it requires all of your time and a hardcore training. You can’t just sit back, play and see the hours rack up, you have got to have a dedicated regime. PUBG players Jonathan and Owais described their grind as wake up, scrims solo games, eat, and sleep.

Finally, lets give you our opinion on what Mobile games hold a future in esports, in India. If you have not guessed it yet, Call Of Duty Mobile is our pick. The game is fits into all the criteria’s for us, yes we understand that the Battle Royale mode that most of India loves does not live upto what PUBG offered, but instead look ahead for the COD warzone on mobile. The franchise has the best Battle Royale on PC and its coming to mobile which is surely going to make a mark.